Monday, October 8, 2007

The Show on Saturday

We enjoyed doing the show on Saturday. The location was great. I should have gotten more pictures of the surroundings but I just snapped a few as we were setting up and then it got busy. It was a very good day. This was the first time Willow Valley Resorts has tried anything like this so there were only about 17 vendors. But they had the Fire Company out with the Smoke House and Fire Trucks, there were tethered hot air balloon rides and scarecrow making, gingerbread boy decorating and pumpkin painting. The guests really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We had to carry our bins of candles quite a ways to our position beside the pond. We were told we would have shade but as often happens this proved to be wrong. I searched for another way to say that...but wrong is the only way. We ended up mid afternoon with melted candles and had to move to another spot and had sold enough by that point to consolidate to just one table....thankfully!

Here are the pictures I snapped while we set up.

See the Christmas Pitchers?
They are all gone.
I have to check our container storage to see if we
have any more to make up.

The rooster candle is gone too...along with our last coke. Thankfully we have plenty of supplies to make more coke candles because they are one of our biggest sellers. Our customers say they can "smell" the fizz! They also love the ice cubes that we put in them. One prior customer was at our stand as a man was debating the purchase of this coke candle. She told him about her daughter's coke candle that has never been lit but keeps her daughter's room smelling sweet all of the time.

I really debated putting any Christmas items out in October on a 86 degree day but I am glad we did.

This is my friend, Beverly, who makes the candles with me.

We walked up this pathway with bin after bin of candles. I was so hot before we even started!

But isn't it beautiful??

Well, I need to check on the kids and see if they are hard at work yet...I have my doubts. Hope you enjoyed the quick pics of the show. We did a simplified set-up because of the outdoor location and it did not seem to hurt sales at all. It was so nice to have repeat customers so happy to find us. We also made many new friends who are from other parts of the state or neighboring states. They asked for our web address so you never know...
Have a great Day!


the feathered nest said...

I'm glad you had a successful day! Too bad they didn't give a better location to begin with but it sounds like it all worked out in the end. I guess it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas!


Anonymous said...

AHA!!!! I found you!! You have a blog now! It looks like you had a great time by the look of the scenery and your good friend with you!

I know where Willow Valley is. I tell people that I am a regular visitor, not a tourist anymore since I know my way around Lancaster Co. :-)

Anonymous said...

I also added you to my sidebar which wasn't easy to figure out with the new blog look. Trial and Error but I had success!!! ;-)

Becky K. said...

Good for you, Miss Paula! I am totally serious...your new look is sensational!

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar...

Becky K.