Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Pottery Experience and Home Decor

We are studying ancient history this year so I wanted the kids to do something "hands on" that would help them to remember our lessons. I found a great new pottery shop that lets you come in and make something of your own design or to paint a previously fired piece.

Chelsea chose to paint an existing piece while the boys were assigned to make a mask from clay. It is so interesting to see how the same clay becomes such different things...oh, I could launch into a sermon here about how people are created so differently and about our Creator...Who shaped us...but I won't!

Jen, the owner of Jen's Pottery Den was wonderful. She had books for the boys to look at for ideas and spent time gathering materials for their use in molding and shaping the masks.

Here you can see Jonathan's mask as it is in process.

I thought Chelsea's design was quite interesting. She learned how to "swirl" the paint into the inside of the pitcher so that it is sealed all the way and is actually able to be used if we so choose.

For now, Chelsea's pitcher is living up on my kitchen hutch since the colors go so nicely with the country decor. I imagine one day, this will be headed with my dear girl as she sets up her own home.
We were at a furniture store yesterday with my mother-in-law who was in need of a dining room table. While we were there Chelsea was planning what she would one day like in a home of her own. I was delighted and saddened at the same know? Just hard to believe that time has gone this quickly and my baby is twelve. I am thrilled at her interests in homemaking and decorating, though. Hmmm... wonder where she got that?!?
Ohhhh...speaking of decorating and such! I finally got paint for my bathroom. It is the only room in the house that was not painted since we moved in...except Jonathan's...and I have been searching for just the right color for a while.
I have taken some before pictures. I'll post more later but for now here is one sneak peek.
Just know that this is just a face lift, for now, not a total re-do (which I so much desire). This was the reason we had not painted until now. I wanted to do the whole thing but time and money are not allowing that at this moment... so paint will have to help it look better. We are dealing with that powder blue tile, blue linoleum and blue one piece shower/tub. Shudder! The counter top is that horrible fake marble stuff! Oh dear, I got started on this and that is not what this post was even about...reminds me of being on the phone with an old friend and the conversation just kind of meanders...

Anyhoooooo...Chelsea has many ideas for a home of her own and I am excited for her...she'll get to experience that in about 40 years! Ha!
Back to the pottery, the boys are currently painting their masks which came back to us white after being fired. Mikey's broke at the jaw so we are going to attempt to wire it and make it cool. Maybe, I'll remember to show you the finished product. No guarantees. I'm experiencing the effects of scattered brain cells these days, as this post so neatly demonstrates!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Great job on the pottery- congrats to both artists!
We are excited to see more of your bathroom re-do! we love a makeover!!!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

The pitcher matches so well. Great job Chelsea!! And you better post the pictures of the masks. You have our attention and we want to see!!

Ma phidas said...

Those are lovely. You all are so talented.

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