Thursday, October 11, 2007


When am I content?
Is it when all is going my way?
Some years ago I was very unhappy,
I wanted to live elsewhere,
go to a different church
and just have a major life change.
I distinctly remember that Still Small Voice
speaking to me that nothing was going to
happen and get better until I was content
where HE had placed me.
This was a hard pill to swallow!
I wanted MY way and I wanted it NOW...
(think 2 year old)!
It was a time of learning and growth,
as I learned to submit to a time
of being patient with a tiny house,
small children, who delighted in messing up the tiny house,
and other circumstances that were out
of my control...Sigh...
that was the problem...
I was not controlling it.
Finally, with God's help I surrendered
my unhappiness in that situation
and lo and behold I find that we have
moved on and are in a better place.
I do know, however, that if I could not
be content, in God's plan, in a tiny house
I would not be content, longterm,
in a larger home.
For our contentment comes not from the
external ,
but from the internal peace that
comes from knowing that in each and every
matter in our lives
we are where we should be if
God is in command.
I still have days when for some crazy reason
I think that I should take it back
and do as I see fit,
but, the beautiful thing about getting older
is that you have those experiences to
look back on and marvel at the
Peace that Passes all Understanding that
only comes from
The Lord...
then I hurry to give it all back to Him
and be content!


Pauleen said...

Thank you for the reminder that there is a Peace that passes all understanding. Those places that we find ourselves, ones that we didn't ask for are always the ones that cause me to grow and refocus the most. Thank you for your honesty.

Anonymous said...

Becky I have been in your shoes. Are you sure you don't have my flip flops on? I have had the same emotions and thoughts. And I too have come to a place of contentment. Oh the adult children who never go to bed so my DH and I can be alone in the living room sometimes gets me but soon they will be gone and I will have a BIG house!! (still small but with fewer bodies, HA HA)

Your reminder though was appreciated today!

the feathered nest said...

Been there too! Actually I just sort of realized all of this last year and have been diligently working on my contentment issues:0)
Good post Becky!