Thursday, October 4, 2007

An exciting Day is on the Horizon...

Well Friends,
Today is an exciting day! My Grandma is coming into town for a very quick visit. All of my other Grandparents have passed away but Grandma Esther lives with my Aunt and Uncle in Virginia so we don't see her often. They have been on vacation north of us and are on their way home. It will be great to hear stories fom their time away.
Grandma is my father's mother. She was the one we were so concerned about when Daddy passed away. Her health is fragile and we wondered if this would just be too much. So, after calling my Aunt we waited anxiously to hear how she took it. Finally, I could wait no longer and called their home. Grandma picked up the phone. As we cried together she said that God had prepared her for this and that she had released Daddy in her heart soon before he stepped through the doors of his eternal home.
God is sooooooo good...All the time!
So, I'll be giving this tiny lady a big hug later today and be thankful that the Lord has sustained her through these last two years, especially.
I love you, Grandma!

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