Friday, October 5, 2007

Praying For...

Today is my friend Shelley's surgery on her back. Please pray for good results and mega pain relief.

Also, this morning I read Sarah Skee's Blog. Sarah is Ellie's mom. Ellie is a 9 year old girl with neuroblastoma who is amazingly sweet and strong. Sarah writes to update friends, family and those willing to pray on Ellie's condition. Her latest update is frightening in that the cancer is showing new or renewed activity in Ellie's bones in several places. The family now has major decisions to make that will impact their lives forever.
Please take even a few minutes as you read this and ask the Lord to be especially close to the Skees family right now.
I have a link to her blog in the sidebar. If you go there...grab a box of will be moved to tears.
God is able to heal Ellie's body if He so chooses...but if not here she will be perfectly whole in heaven. You will find that the family is very much in touch with both realities and is seeking the Lord's Will.

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