Monday, October 8, 2007

Introducing Kimmy

This is Kimmy...
You have seen the picture of Chloe
on the sidebar.
Chloe is our easy dog to love.
She is cute and has an amazing
personality. She welcomes people and
absolutely loves to be "adored".
Kimmy is the opposite of all of that.
She pants...a lot.
She barks at any strange noise or person
who dares to come near our home.
She gets carsick.
Too much water at one time doesn't sit well, either.
She is kind of hard to love.
When we brought Kimmy home from the
Amish farm where she was born
she made a horrible mess in the car and
then went into a terrible
form of shock and was out of it for hours.
We decided that we had brought home a "dud".
But then there is this side to Kimmy,
she is loyal.
She loves her much!
She is especially bonded to me
and will be sleeping at my feet -
(she prefers my lap but she is over 40 pounds now)
at every possible moment.
Once she really trusts someone
they are her forever friend.
Friends who come over regularly are
met with much joy
while those who she
sees as "new" get the horrible
growly bark.
I guess that is how it can be with
people too.
Some are naturally easy to love
while others have this
guard up over their heart.
They test those around them
to see if they can trust them.
Then when the friendship is formed
and the trust is there
the appreciation and beauty of
their true personality can come out.
I hope that I can give the "Kimmy" people
enough time to see that I can
be trusted and that I
want to be their friend.
We don't know what happened in
Kimmy's first few months to cause her
fear...we are just glad that we
have spent the time to get to
know her sweet side.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Becky! thanks for stopping by to see me. I've been so busy I haven't had time to reply to all the new folks coming by. So glad you did & I hope you'll come back again.


Anonymous said...

So does the dog bark in Pennsylvania Dutch??? YA, I be thinkin so!!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Just saying hello~ jumped over from FeatheredNest... Don't animals warm our heart? We have three dogs, that are just like children to us! They are all three rescues, and I would take more if I could!