Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Mom's Tea

Last evening found me at Mrs. Rabe's home (Creekside Cottage). It is beautiful all decorated up for fall. I wish you could all see it. She had these two pumpkins each with one of her house numbers carved in them beside the driveway...candles lit to display the numbers...to welcome her guests. The teacups and the scones screamed welcome. The guests were welcomed to enjoy any of the several seating areas prepared throughout the home...we all enjoyed each other's company in the living room, chatting away. Oh, I plead with you, Mrs. Rabe to post some lovely pictures of that chandelier and some of your other lovelies. It was so nice! Thanks for being the great hostess you are. It is much appreciated!

While I am on this subject I must compliment Mrs. Rabe's daughters on their hospitality and helpfulness. Linsy and Emily are young women who see things that need to be done and truly serve. Several times I think I saw Emily refilling cookie plates and "fluffing" the table. I was blessed by the time spent with them last evening, as well. Thanks Linsy, for showing me the 11 puppies. They are so precious!

I woke this morning with a Christmas song in my head. I know it is early but I am directing the 4-6th grade choir at Co-op and the 7-up girl's ensemble. This means that we are working on Christmas music and when I least expect it one of those songs comes to me. So...this morning it was...Ring the Bells! Ring the Bells! Let the Whole world know...Christ was born in Bethlehem...many years ago! There are 38 4-6th graders and they really enjoy this song. I wish you could hear them bellowing these words. I used that word on purpose because that is exactly what some of the boys do...they bellow! We will be working on that as soon as they have the words memorized. But their enthusiasm is fun! Their second song is an arrangement of The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Too cute! Now, as long as we can get all of the details pulled together in the next 4 weeks or so....
The 7-up girls are singing a Puerto Rican Folk Hymn called Come to Set us Free. It is really fun and the girls are getting it now. Thirteen beautiful girls and thier voices. No bellowing here. I am hoping to find a little more "bellow" for them to share so that they will be heard and enjoyed. It will come. They are also singing a great arrangement of Joyful, Joyful to the World. This is such a neat arrangement of Joy to the World and Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee. Some of the words to Joyful, Joyful have been modified for Christmas.
So, anyway, this morning my creative juices were flowing as I thought of new ways to get the 4-6th graders loving this class. So far the parent feedback is good. The boys are singing these songs at home during the week...that makes my week! Even better, the boys that are excited are some of the least music loving boys in the class...according to them. So, Praise God, it would seem that they are getting it.
I love our Co-op! It is so vital to have the community of other families to share our experiences with. After the Tea last evening I came back to my home with two other Moms whose daughters had stayed here to hang out with Chelsea and we enjoyed more fellowship for a while. We talked with the girls about the things that they are exposed to in their music and games and even TV. It was a very valuable time. So natural. A captured moment. I pray that the friendships made now will be examples of the kinds of relationships these girls seek in life. It would be even better if these friendships were lifelong...but only the Lord knows how that will go.

Well, I have rambled long enough. Have a truly blessed day and rejoice that
HE Came to Set us Free! If you don't have a clue what I am writing about...the Freedom that comes from the Lord...email me. I'll share what HE has done in my life and why I am so grateful!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Thank you, dear Becky, for those kind words. I will try to photograph and post some pictures later.
It is a delight to do tea for you all, such amazing women!

So glad for your time after the tea with your girls. We must capture these "moments" to inspire our daughters!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hey no one invited me!!

Sounds like you had fun.

Becky, it is never too early for Christmas songs. I am excited because my sister bought the new Michael W Smith Christmas Album on Itunes and made me a copy. So this year I have something new!!

Becky K. said...

Michael W. Smith is absolutely one of my favorites! What talent and personality.

Have you heard of the Creation Festival? It happens in central PA each June. Warren used to run camera for the big screen and the year we were married 1989 I helped. This was the year of the BIG rain...and rain...and more rain! It was crazy muddy and people were mud surfing in front of the stage. When Michael W. got up to sing he went casual and sang a song written just for Creation that year...so cool! I think we have it on video somewhere. I'll have to get Warren to dig it out.

Anyhow, I love artists that are authentic and don't think themselves better than the rest of us...I've seen both sides over the years.

Gotta run!

Gayla said...

Oh, we do want to see the pictures. Your blog is so inviting and sweet. I enjoy reading it very much.

Pauleen said...

It is moments like this, that you shared in the Rabe home the other evening, that I miss most about my dear friend. She has a way about her that reflects our Lord Jesus. Thank you for sharing how special the evening was.