Monday, October 22, 2007

My Poor, Poor Ears

My Chelsea has been looking forward to a concert for a couple of weeks now. We bought a new top for her to wear to this concert! This was a big deal. Chelsea, her friend, Kara and I went to see Jump 5 in the their last PA concert. The group is breaking up.

I can enjoy Jump 5... recorded. I can control the volume. There were many things to irritate during the evening last night. I hesitate to share all of them. But here are the highlights:

1. Jump 5 did a couple of songs in the the beginning of the show and then the Disney infomercial began.

2. Pure NRG (the group to follow in Jump 5's dance shoes) is good but has now signed with Disney so I find myself being concerned about the clarity of their message and for those kids well being in the long run. It hasn't worked out so well for Brittany...

3. The next "talent" was atrocious. I will not even say her name. There was a woman behind us screaming to bring back Pure NRG and get her off the stage.

4. This was followed by at least 4 other segments of ok to really bad performances. All of which were pushing Disney Radio and asking for votes there.

5. Finally, 9pm on a Sunday the next day...Jump 5 came out to perform their concert. As a parent I felt like a hostage. Both girls sat dejectedly through the maze of poor performances then lit up like Christmas trees as it was time for Jump 5. What could I do? We stayed.

6. Jump 5 is truly entertaining and they can dance. They are able to be relatively enjoyed by parents...if you could hear them. The music was so loud that you could not enjoy their singing...probably intentional as it is hard to hold a tune when you are completely out of breath from all of the flips and such. My ear drums are still itching from all of the vibrations.

7. The girls then stood in line for more than a half hour to get pictures and autographs with Pure NRG and Jump 5. They are sweet kids and I know I am sounding really old but even Chelsea complained about the loudness keeping her from hearing the songs. Chelsea plans to post some pictures on Its about Friends at some point today. It will be interesting to hear what she has to say about the evening.

8. We rolled into our home about 11:40 after dropping Kara off. Poor girl has to catch a bus this morning. At least Chelsea can sleep in a little.

9. Have you been to one of these concerts lately? Is this the new "norm" ? Oh, I sound like my parents used to sound...


Terri and Bob said...

Concerts are so loud that they are totally unenjoyable. You have had the same experience I have had.

But what a good mom you are! You get brownie points for staying!

Anonymous said...

No, not for me! Mine are older and can go on their own. Although I did see Martina Mc Bride in July and she was awesome. She is by far the best singer I have heard. Her powerful voice gave me chill bumps.

the feathered nest said...

I don't know, I haven't been to a concert since I saw Fleetwood Mac - I guess - about 18 years ago LOL!

All I know is that my daughter hates Radio Disney. They play the same songs over and over again.
(according to her)

Yep, you get major points for staying!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Dear Becky, you get big brownie points for going through that evening. We tend to shy away from those types of concerts, although if the Newsboys come to town.....We all just love their worship cd's and their old stuff!!!!

daisyaday said...

You are a braver mom than I am! I was lucky enough to have friends who didn't mind taking kids to things like that, 'cause I avoided them like the plague!

My taste runs more to concerts like the Paul Baloche/Don Moen/Lenny LeBlanc one that they do at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. It's like going to church for an evening of worship music, really. It's the music I like, not the screaming, the hype, or the noise. Yeah, I'm getting old, too! LOL. Good mama, you!