Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday evening visitors...

...are the best! Last evening we enjoyed the company of our Pastor and two ladies from the church. It was warm outside so we bypassed the usual stroll down our road in favor of football and chatting. There was food, of course. A given at our house. Warren grilled up some hot dogs and burgers. I made a garden salad and some cheesy broccoli rice.

Pastor Mike and our boys spent some time working on their rockets. Mike was an aeronautical engineer for Boeing before the Lord called him into ministry. He blesses our homeschool and our family by sharing his knowledge and love of science. Over the last two years he developed and taught Mikey a course in astronomy, which Mikey really enjoyed. Now Mike has supplied the materials and knowledge to build really awesome rockets from the fins up.

After the rocketry and the food, Mike and the boys retreated to Mikey's room for some video games. I are thinking...get real! Our pastor enjoys our is amazing!

While the "boys" were playing, Warren, Ruth, Brenda and I watched football and chatted about the recent events in our lives. Initially the plan was to watch a movie...but sometimes plans shift and we have to be flexible. I am glad we were because sharing from the heart is easier to do when not watching a movie. It was such a relaxing time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share our home and time with those we care about.

What opportunities have you had lately with friends that have blessed you? I would love to read about them.

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