Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are Dogsitting!

This is Bear. He is my mother's dog. Mom did not mean to get a dog but last year she went along for a ride with us to the Humane League. We were looking for a dog to help fill the void after our husky, Sally, had passed away. Bear caught Mom's eye as he was being taken to meet a family.
I guess she wanted him then but figured
there was no way that the other family would say no to him.
They did.
Next thing I knew I was encouraging her
to fill out paperwork and bring this large dog home.
She did.
We spent the next couple of weeks shaking our heads at this spontaneous decision but Bear has proved to be a great friend for Mom.
He is very protective of her and with her constantly. Being with us overnight must be quite confusing to him since he can see her house from here.
Mom has overnight guests that are not dog lovers.
She, being the great hostess that she is, asked if we would keep Bear.
Not so long ago when we were in Virginia on a quick vacation,
Mom kept our two pooches at her house for three days.
Now that must have been a challenge!
Thanks Mom!
Bear is a very nice dog
and has been very well behaved.
Just thought those of you who like dogs
would enjoy meeting Bear.

I like to encourage anyone looking for a new pet to
visit their local Humane League first. You may
find the sweetest dog or cat there, like our Chloe and Mom's
Bear. You may not. But at least you will know that you
have tried to get one more animal rescued into a good home.
If you do go to the Humane League try to spend some time with
the pet you are condering adopting. We left the first day convinced that
we were coming back the second day for one particular dog
but after spending time with that dog we could see that it was
not a good personality match for our family. It was good that we
made that extra trip...that second day was the day we met Chloe and
I wouldn't trade her for any other dog.


Anonymous said...

Nineteen years ago my husband and I adopted Katie from our local shelter, a three year old, 85 pound Yellow Labrador. She became my constant companion. She passed on when she was 13...we still grieve the loss but are so blessed with the memories she left. Non-pet people wouldn't understand. Now we have Tiger, who resembles Katie in color. My mother says we choose our pets to match the interior of our home - lol! He adopted us 8 years ago, leaving his home of three bassett hounds and a mommy. He's cranky and rude, selfish and demanding. And we love him. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ah, he looks like a pretty dog as dog pretty goes!!