Saturday, October 27, 2007

Continuing Ed

Once a year my company requires compliance education to be completed. This is in addition to much required continuing ed. Tomorrow morning is it. I do not look forward to it but recognize it as a valuable and necessary thing to accomplish. So tomorrow (Saturday) morning will find me sitting in an office watching a video that has basically the same information I have watched for the last 12 years. If you happen to be a client reading this... I do this for you...for without the completion of this...I do not have the ability to serve you.

I love my clients. I love it when someone is ready to retire and is able to do what we have set out to do because of disciplined saving and planning. I love it when they tell a friend about me and the phone rings with a new client to help on their way to financial freedom and independence. I love it when I can help a widow find her way through new territory after the loss of her husband. I love it when a client finds her way out of magnificent debt and I can cheer her along the way. There is great joy in getting a young person started in a savings plan instead of a debt plan that is so common. I love finding money that people don't even know they have lost in their budget.

This is why I will make myself get up and drive 35 minutes to an office and watch the video another year.

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Anonymous said...

And, for people like you, I thank YOU!! My mom had to get someone to help her and so I know how important this job of yours is!!