Monday, October 15, 2007

The Fellowship Meal...and more was one of those glorious days!
The service was wonderful.
Everyone sang with their whole hearts,
which makes it much more
interesting to lead music.
The song choices this week were
some of my favorites...and we did some
creative things with the instrumentals
which of course makes it more fun.

The sermon this morning was on...
are you ready...
I had to ask the Pastor if he had
been reading my blog...
but no! This was the next passage in the
series he was preaching.
I was nearly bursting with amazement at
this timing.

Then we had Communion. It is still so
amazing to think about God becoming Man
to take my place - MINE -
just because HE wanted too.
HE loved me first!
I love HIM back!

A fellowship meal followed which was
very, very good today.
There was chicken, my chili and cornbread,
a fresh garden salad, angel food cake...and more!
As far as I know there was only one "car-tastrophe".
That was a peach pie that had to be cleaned
out of Brenda's car. So sorry, what a mess!
It seemed that everyone stayed for the meal
because we actually ran out of room at the tables.

After coming home and doing up the dishes and
refrigerating the little bit of leftover chili,
our evening guests began arriving.
A group of us headed on a walk...since the weather is
just about perfect. We went to the end of our
road and back. This is about a mile total with a
huge hill in the middle. I have to be feeling really
great to joyfully attempt it so you know it was a
good day.

Warren, you know... my "grill man", made sausages on the grill while
I whipped up some pudding parfaits with the
help of Chelsea and our friend, Ruth.
The table is dressed for fall, with an 'edible' centerpiece.
We put everything on the table in a very festive way
and called it an impromtu Harvest Party.
It makes the food taste even better.
Freshly sauteed onions and green peppers didn't hurt, either.

Chelsea, Ruth and I played two games of Scrabble.
They were fun. Chelsea won. She is great
with words!

After that, kiddos headed to bed while
the grown ups watched a movie. An action/drama.
It was o.k. but really too much violence for me.
I prefer a gentler or funnier type of movie.

It was so nice to have had Ruth, Mike, Steve, Georgia and Mom
over this evening. It was also fun walking with Kara and Jack.
Thanks guys for spending some time with us.


the feathered nest said...

It's funny how things work out isn't it! A sermon on "contentment" - I would have liked to hear that one.

Your days sounds just perfect!


Terri and Bob said...

Sounds like a great time. What a treat to spend time with people who think alike!

Anonymous said...

Becky, you will never believe this and I was going to tell you also, OUR MESSAGE WAS ON CONTENTMENT also. Because I thought the same thing about our conversations this last week. The Lord knew what he was doing!! Isn't it amazing!! Almost humerous!!! Where do you go to church there in PA?

Becky K. said...

We attend a small church in Lampeter called New Life. Not to be confused with the larger Assembly of God church a few miles away that you may be familiar with.
We are in the process of becoming an independent congregation after years of affiliation with a Presbyterian denomination.
God is so good and I think that HE shares HIS sense of humor with us...after all, since we are made in HIS image, HE must have a sense of humor too. Way cool! I love that we were thinking (and hearing)the same things on different coasts.
Becky K.