Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Slaying the Giants....

Strange Title?

Of course.

But here is what got me thinking about that. A recent sermon reminded me of the Israelites who surveyed the land they were about to enter. It was a new land, it was a strange land. They were afraid of the unknown. The reports came back that it was a land of plenty and very good...BUT...there were giants in the land.

You'll find this in Numbers 13 and 14.

What I find amazing in this story is that God had brought these people out of Egypt and kept them safe through many miraculous means...crossing the Red Sea, feeding them manna and quail, giving the the 10 Commandments, causing water to flow from a rock. And yet, when God was ready to send them into a new land where all was prepared for them...they panicked. They literally wanted to retrace their steps and go back to being slaves in Egypt.

Now, I don't think it was that they loved being slaves...I seem to recall a lot of dissatisfaction there too. This was new, unfamiliar and scary.

I am at a place in my life where there are many changes going on here and around me. Our Church is leaving the denomination we have been with and going independent, I am considering more schooling to become a certified counselor, we have TEENAGERS! There is a lot of new territory to explore. I get overwhelmed by the "giant what-ifs". But here is what I think the Lord is trying to impress on my heart through the recent sermon and then a children's song that I keep hearing...If it is the Lord's will to step into the "new land". He will take care of those giants one by one and it is not to concern me.

Oh my! Sometimes I just want to flee back into the familiar land....somehow get my fifteen year old boy to be happy being ten girlfriends, no job, less independence. But how would that help to prepare him for life and being a Godly Christian man. No, I must stay and fight to put into him those things that God desires him to learn so that Mikey will serve HIM well.

I think about counseling...I think, "I already do that with finances, isn't that enough, Lord?" I am impressed upon that no, there is more. These are your gifts. Develop and refine them...then use them for HIM.

With the church, I see the road ahead as difficult and overwhelming. We are going to have to move to a new building, creating a new entity, reaching out into the community in a new way. Exciting? Yes! But scary. Aren't there enough churches already? Surely God doesn't need our little congregation...these are the "giant" thoughts that come into my head. But, you know it always comes back to the fact that we worship in this congregation because we were called there. We are truly "fed" there. Our children are growing spiritually. Where else would we want to go? NOwhere! I think until God gives us a desire for another fellowship that HE has us here for a reason and so I must face those giants and know that God will slay them.

Are you facing any giants today? Can you trust God with them? Let's do it together. HE is faithful.


Anonymous said...

I know He is able to carry us through!
In our Bible Study right now this is what we are studying. The Ol' Israelites. Beth M. calls it Romancing the Past. The Is. grumbled and wanted to go back, it wasn't so bad. Just like when we see a little toddler and we say to the mom "I loved that stage" but when we really look back we were tired, it was non-stop, temper tantrum days. We forget and then when we are in the midst of something we don't like we want to go back to the better days. We must trust our God. Just like Manna, just enough for our needs at the right moment. That is what God does. He will meet your needs at the right moment. He sustains us. Slay the Giants Queen Becky. You have a Lord walking in front of you and behind you with His hand on your shoulder.

Becky K. said...

Amen! Miss Paula.