Monday, October 29, 2007

Bowling with Friends

Here we go with long awaited pictures of Bob and Phyllis...bowling! Let me tell you, I have so much fun with these two people!
I am sorry the pics are so dark...If you click on them you'll see more detail.

Phyllis was a moving target! I had a hard time getting good pictures of her. She had an awesome score last Tuesday, when these pictures were taken -- 167!!!! The bowling alley has started keeping our averages and so far...Phyllis has everyone else beat.

And now for Bob...

When he isn't having to leave to fight a barn fire...ahem!...we have a wonderful time. Bob likes to give backhanded encouragements...and I love to give them right back. He is a good bowler and makes it so much fun to show up.

Sometimes we bowl for practice until the kids in our group are tired and then bowl for the competition. Both Bob and Phyllis are great sports and I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know Mrs. Rabe's parents better. They also happen to be Miss Paula's in-laws. Small world!
I have to show my Chelsea. She is a good little bowler who skunked me in our first game last Tuesday.

There you are, Miss Paula! Enjoy!


Terri and Bob said...

I haven't been bowling in ages. I loved it a long time ago! Its good to get some movement in our lives!

Miss Paula said...

I would love to join you!! How fun and thanks for the pictures. Except, where is the one of you!!!

Is it still a dollar a game??

Now all y'all need is some bowling shirts!! Now that would be very cute!!

Becky K. said...

I hadn't been bowling very often for years...but now I can't get enough! It shouldn't be *that* hard to get those pins.

Miss Paula,
Come back east and we will bowl!! It would be fun. Your daughter was sweet when she came with us.
I am working on a picture but it has to reflect my mischievious personality so it will take just a bit more time.
Maybe we could get Deanna to make us some shirts? She loves to sew...her game is really coming along, too!
Thanks for stopping by ladies. I am glad for you.
Becky K.

Mrs. Rabe said...

My mom is becoming the bowling queen! Can you believe her score last week?

I am bringing my camera today, girls! I will get a picture of Becky! She always looks great! And she is the one who set the scoring standard early on so we are just trying to keep up with her!


Becky K. said...

She did it! Mrs. Rabe brought her camera...the day I have a migraine and almost don't even go to bowling. I am sure there will be pictures on her blog sometime this week...just know...I had a headache and wet hair from a too recent shower!
Am I insecure or what!?!

Ma phidas said...

You inspire me with your bowling. I bowl better because I am trying to keep up with you. Keep up those strikes girl.