Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Morning, Friends

Things that will not happen this morning:

Chelsea will not stand looking at me 
to ask what we will do today.

Michael will not sit at the table
crunching his morning cereal.

Jonathan will not come sleepily from 
his room to head for the laundry room
to get his daily shirt.

None of those things will happen this morning
because all three are elsewhere.

Chelsea, Mikey, Mom and Georgia
are somewhere on the Atlantic on a huge
cruise ship taken over by 
3,000 Christians..
I wonder how it is going.........
Do they like it?
I expect they do.
Tomorrow they will begin the mission 
portion of this trip in Jamaica.
Praying that this is a wonderful experience
that emboldens them for God.

Jonathan is house sitting while they 
are gone.  Mom's dog, Bear, does much better
when someone actually stays with him.
So....I get some quiet time.

Knowing that Chelsea's first flight was
beautiful and she enjoyed it 
so much.

Photos taken from their Facebook pages so they look terrible. 

Time to fill some candle orders
since the weather should be getting a bit 
less steamy and I can get them delivered or sent
to the customers who are waiting.
One of the unique features of working 
with a natural product - 
It actually melts.
But it is worth the inconvenience
to not have all of the soot and poison
going into our lungs!


~PJ said...

Enjoy this trial run of being an empty nester!

Vee said...

I hadn't thought of what PJ was saying, but I think you'll find it very peaceful and restful and don't forget that you can go looking for a little noise and hullabaloo should you wish for some. Just visit Mrs. Rabe. ;>

Can't wait to hear what you do with your time...hope it involves some reading and quiet time and some visiting friends and quality time with Mr. Hospitality Lane.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Yes, how are you doing all alone! :)

Melissa G. said...

How exciting! I'm so glad Chelsea's passport arrived in time!

LV said...

As you get older, trust me, you tend to wish for more peace and quiet.

Gayla said...

Sounds so exciting for everyone. I love it the generations are experiencing this together!

Elena said...

That is so great that they are having a great time. What a fun tirp!!

Karen said...

What great memories they are all making together. I can't imagine going on a missions trip with my grandmothers-what a special thing for them to share!

I intended to comment on your teapot planter too-it is so cute that it is growing out the spout now.

I know you'll find some ways to enjoy yourself while they're all away...don't get too lonely!

Ronda said...

What fun they shall all have.
What peace and quiet you will enjoy.
What gladness will most assuredly fill your soul, when all your babe's are home once again.

Love & Prayers,

Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful experience for all of those Christians! Wish I was there too:)

Enjoy your time with your candles my friend, HUGS!