Friday, June 3, 2011

On The Agenda For Today....

Moving on from this morning's self-imposed
pity party.....that was the last post.
Covering it up with this one.

Things to Do Today:
(Not in order of action)

1.  Return books to library(DONE)
Going to the library reminded me that I need
to get the songs chosen for Sunday.
Why did that remind me of this?
Because the church is right beside the library.
So...I stopped and gathered everything I need for that.
It is not usually my responsibility but our Pastor is
out of MA where the tornadoes struck.
Thankfully he and his family are fine.
But see how one thing leads to
the next.  I have a theory that this is pretty common.

2.  Wipe down all kitchen cabinets.(DONE)
With the assistance of Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Countertop Spray.
Added a lovely fragrance and a touch of shine.

3.  Peruse this recipe book for an amazing recipe for tonight's dinner.
There is a marinade recipe for London Broil that
sounds awesome to me.
Now to run and do the out of the house errands so
I can pick up the steak and get it in the marinade.
I'm going to add nap to this list, I think! lol

4. Vacuum Living Room and Dining Room

5.  Find homes for the awesome glassware I brought home this week.

6.  Give two dogs baths....the freshly manured field called to them.(DONE)

7.  Water all of the plants here and at the Mom's Houses.
It is 4:30pm and I am winding down.  Time to make dinner.
Guess it won't all get done again today.
But at least this much and so much more that wasn't on the
list is done now.  Sigh....

8.  File papers that have accumulated here and there.

9.  Organize clothing sitting in boxes in dining room for donation or consignment.

10.  Pick up Meds at the Pharmacy.(DONE)

That might be enough...we will see.
If there is time I should finish painting the deck furniture.
It began raining day after day as soon as 
I started the project.

And I go to attack this list.
Any guesses where I might start?
Hint: Stinky dogs!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, no! Stinky dogs! eew!

Yes, wash them first, so that your house will not gain that smell!

Sounds like a productive day ahead!

I am out for shopping soon, but first breakfast with Tim!


Theresa said...

Girl, you have a loooonnnnngggg list! I can gaurantee you that my list WILL NOT include anything outside today! It is too hot! Have a blessed day and if you run out of something to do, come to my house:) HUGS!

Vee said...

Stinky dog! Yes, now that I have one, I must be certain to plan a weekly bath for her. Then I must play poodle shrink for about an hour to get her all calmed down afterward. I think of it as "our time." Ha!

Why does the donated clothing always land in the dining room? It does here, too.

Hope that you find some fun things to do in your long, very long, list.

Meet me for lunch at Heidi's Deli and we'll catch up on all the news. ;>

Bee said...

Your blog list made me laugh because I was going to post about my list today, too. We must think alike. I just don't have the time to write about it now. I will later.

Gayla said...

Whoa there, Missy... That sounds like a day and a half!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Becky!

Oh how I have missed my regular visits here. Your sweet blog always bring a smile to my face.:o)

I chuckled reading your "to do" list, and what a "to do" list it is!:o) My being under the weather for a few weeks caused my list to grow and grow and plan to tackle a few things on it even today.

I know I've said it many times before, but you Dear Becky are a sweetheart and make blogland a nice place to be. Happy weekend to you and your family.



blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow, talk about accomplishing alot!
I hope you have a relaxing weekend :)