Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Beautiful Evening.....And an Introduction

Good riddance to the heat and humidity that had
settled in and driven me indoors.
Other than taking the dogs around the yard every
few hours I have not spent much time breathing in fresh
air or enjoying beautiful views.

Until last evening.

We decided on a whim to visit a local park
that is new to us.  A friend recommended it
and we searched it out on the internet.
Even from the map you could tell that finding
it would be a challenge.  There is a point when 
approaching this park that you feel as if you 
are reaching the point of no return.
And then you are there....

A stream, beautiful green surroundings and the 
smells that took me straight back to my childhood.
I grew up on the banks of Penn's Creek.
The gurgle of slow moving water 
layered with the 
as the water rushes over rocks, 
bubbling on the other side.

The water snake swimming to and fro
with only his nose peeking out.

Tall trees that make you feel small and 
safe all nestled in the heart of 
a green wood.

These were all things that took me back
to a simpler time.
Chloe got to go along.
This made her whole week.
She loves a road trip.
This was even better because we were
the only ones there so she got to run free.
And apparently sniff a dandelion.
Actually this was a team effort
but it kind of looks like she is sniffing it....

But run she did....
with Chelsea.
Until she flopped down fully 
spread out against the cool ground.

I took a lot of photos with my new much fun!

The sky and trees reflected in the water.

This smooth water is just before a small line of rocks that interrupt the serenity.
Speaking of the friend who introduced us 
to this park......

I know that was way back in the beginning
of this epic length post
but I have been trying to figure out how to 
I'm just going to ask you to do so.
Susanna Musser is a very dear lady.
She is currently the mother of ten, 
but in God's timing this is changing.
In her heart she is the mother of eleven.
One of these children is in another country.
The Musser's youngest child is Verity.
She has the blessing of an extra chromosome....
resulting in Down Syndrome.
Susanna said recently that she feels badly 
that everyone doesn't have the opportunity
to have one of these special children in their lives.
Verity is such a happy little girl who will 
turn one year old on Sunday.
We are thrilled to get to be a part of her life
through our church family.

Katerina, the child who is to come
and join the family also has Down Syndrome,
is nine years old and is very tiny.
She has spent her life in an orphanage crib.
God has provided miracle after miracle on
the road to this adoption.
Our prayers are appreciated as the Musser 
family heads into the home stretch which 
will require two trips to Bulgaria and
time away from little Verity 
and the rest of the

If you would be so kind as to visit Susanna and
let her know you will be praying it would mean so
much to her and to me.
I think you'll get sucked in and have to visit
again and again.
It is a very special place...


Mrs.Rabe said...

Is this Tuquan? We want to go there sometime soon....

I am so excited for The Musser's - so glad that God's timing has them fellowshipping with us right when all of the excitement is happening. What a blessing all of this is to our church family!

Your photos are so lovely - I know you are enjoying that nice camera!


Vee said...

What a sweet post with all that lush green and high weather system. I just know how much it meant to you to have such a day.

Verity...have always loved the name and if my son had been a girl, he'd be a "Verity." I will pop in on your friend just to say "hello."

Tamara Jansen said...

The park looks absolutely peaceful and calm. what a beautiful way to spend an afternoon!

Happy to say we have returned home to our nest safe and sound. Thanks for checking up on me this week :)

Kelly said...

Nice photos! Looks like a nice, peaceful, restful, tranquil park.

I am glad to get to know the Mussers and little Verity. They are in our prayers for their little Katarina.

Linda said...

I love your photos, and have said a prayer for the Mussers this morning. You truly let your light shine in this beautiful blog.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Beautiful post Becky. The park is a very lovely place. It is interesting what you wrote about having a special child in your life of does create new layers in a persons personality. We have a nephew who is special needs ...we feel blessed to have him in our life. I will check out her blog.