Monday, June 27, 2011

It Is All Coming Together....

Home Education coming to an end....

A new camera.....
The Etsy Shop.

I think I just might know what is going to fill my time.

This way I get to create.
Find vintage goodies that others will love.
Take photos in creative ways.

This little pitcher is soooo cute!
About five inches tall.

I thought that the little stems would be great
for fruit salad, pudding or even a mini ice cream sundae.

Whatever...they are just adorable!
And they are now listed in my shop.

Creating, exploring and sharing
with others.
It really doesn't get any better than this!


~PJ said...

Awesome! Best of luck with this exciting new adventure!!!

Vee said...

Oh you've found something that makes you very happy. Wonderful! That is a sweet pitcher and glass set. You made me laugh with your comment this morning. To me, it means "road trip." Yay!

Anonymous said...

New camera ... what did you get?

lijahmom said...

i also would like to know about the camera...I am debating that purchase myself.