Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Perennials Time to Shine

 The first of these lilies....Many more on the way.

A Baby
An Adolescent
A teenager....

  The Echinacea is just outside our door.
We have watched it open...ever so slowly but
with interesting stages to observe.

 What I traditionally think of as Easter Lilies
are at their best.  They smell so amazing!!!

 These were a part of a large group of plants purchased
after Easter a few years ago.
A florist had donated their Easter leftovers to a group
to use as a fundraiser.  It was a wonderful purchase.
They have spread in an area that is very hard to work 
in because of tree roots.  I am pleased.

The little mallow flowers have spread throughout the 
perennial flower bed.  While in other years they used to be very 
tall and overpowering they have come in shorter
and more intermixed with everything else this year.
I like it.

This year I planted NO annuals in this bed.
I am letting the perennials do their thing and plan
to get Shasta Daisies to fill in any empty spots 
for next year.

Then that garden will be complete.
I don't think we will mulch it anymore either.
Once the daisies fill in it will pretty 
much keep the weeds down on its
own...with just a little help from us.

The black eyed susans are ready to 
open.  They have their little yellow petals all 
curled up and each day get a bit more ready to 
burst.  It's going to happen and then
this garden will be at its absolute best.

For those who expressed an interest 
in my new camera...
it is a Canon Powershot SX130 IS.

I love it!
The size is perfect to go everywhere with me.
The color is true.
I am still learning about it but 
I do very much recommend this as an
option if you aren't ready to go to the SLR.

Have a wonderful day!
Mom and I are off to do some thrifting.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding me! Your photos are just breath taking! Have a fun time shopping ;).

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your perennials are looking great!

Your hydrangea is gorgeous.

My black eyed susans are ready to open too, I am waiting!

Theresa said...

Gorgeous! I love flowers... ALL flowers! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

~PJ said...

How gorgeous! I imagine your yard is a beautiful place to be right now.

Elena said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I love the smell of lilies too. I have an echinadea plant also. It is so fun to watch it grow and see how the center changes!

Kathryn Ross said...

Hi Becky! I follow you over at you homeschooling site, but must add this lovely blog site to my list as well! Love your photos - just got a lesser Canon as an upgrade, but may want to up that as well if I don't figure out how to control my light. I'm sure there's a setting for my needs on this thing - tons of them - if only I knew how to move beyond the auto and easy setting! Love your cats - and your little fellows in jail are so charming! I'm learning so much about my own garden through some of these newsy garden blogs like yours!
Thanks for stopping by to visit Blue Lady at The Writer's reverie. I love to make things with my hands - and appreciate the Lord's gift of creativity in the hands of others. A gift I know I got from my mom.
Yes, we have many commonplaces, milady!
Miss Kathy

Vee said...

I'm here! Just hobbling about that's all. ☺

Oh I do love the color of that first one... A very pretty one indeed. I am glad to see the mallo as I planted one in my perennial bed this year: there are no blossoms on it yet.

I've done some thrifting...hope that you'll share!

Kelly said...

Lovely photos. I love what you call the traditional Easter lillies too. New cameras are fun aren't they?