Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've Been on the Fence....

About sharing the results of my neuro appointment
yesterday....but I think I will.

Overall it was good news.

After a very thorough exam and very lengthy
discussion with the Physician's Assistant the 
conclusion is that my last episode, nearly two
years ago now, was a complicated migraine.
This is good news as there was concern that 
it was a mini stroke.

Not surprising to me she noted that I still have 
weakness on my right side.  Stunning how these 
effects remain.  

I am beginning a course of steroid treatment and
will take a medication to attempt to ward off any 
future attacks.  I would be very opposed to taking
meds for this if it weren't for the lasting effects of 
the last one.  I am concerned about what another 
one could do.  So, I am going to try this.
The longer I have gone since the last migraine the 
more I experience dread and fear.  Stress is a 
trigger for me and these headaches so I could actually
bring one on with all of the worry.

The PA also told me that the nearly daily headaches
I experience are also a form of migraine.  So I haven't 
necessarily been migraine free either.  

I might be a new woman before long.
If I lose the pain....look out people!
I'll be so full of energy you won't be 
able to keep up!!!!

Thanks for listening.
I like to document these things here because
I look back for dates and details that I would
otherwise forget.


LV said...

That is a great idea to put medical information in a record. It definitely could be up great future use. Sorry to hear you are having these issues. Stress definitely not good for migraines.

~PJ said...

Oh I'm glad you're taking steps to take care of it. I'm the same way, I don't like to take pills but there are sometimes that the body just needs a little extra help.

Now make sure you share some of that energy with the rest of us when you find it.

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Dear Becky, as a person who suffered with severe migraines....for years....my heart goes out to you. Worrying about an oncoming headache often opens the door for the headache to come. Mine were so severe, I took injections for almost ten years.

I understand and will be sending my prayers to you. I also understand about sharing news like this....I almost never do but it is good for others to know so they can pray.

And, for you, friend....continue to go boldly before God and ask for healing. He healed me and He will heal you.

Hugs, Barb

Debby said...

Glad you posted.
Not only do you get strength from others that care but you may help someone else out there having similar problems.
Wow, I didn't know that a migraine could cause lasting effects like that. I will get headaches that will last 2 or 3 weeks. They have run all kinds of tests and all have been clear. They have given me shots to stop the headaches and they don't work. I will treat them more serious now.
Good luck on the medication. So good that you haven't had any severe ones for so long. Maybe you are doing something unaware that is preventing the little ones from getting worse.

Theresa said...

Yes dear Becky, hope this will take away the pain!

Big hugs, just popping in to say hi!

Theresa said...

Yes dear Becky, hope this will take away the pain!

Big hugs, just popping in to say hi!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Good news indeed! I was there the day that last episode happened and I almost forced you to the ER - I was so sure you had had a stroke!

The migraines are tricky aren't they?

Thankful for wisdom!


Carol said...

I'm so glad your shared your results with us. I pray that you will get relief from the headaches with the steriods.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you have migraines. I have normal headaches from time to time. They hurt bad enough. I can't imagine how painful is a migraine.

I am taking medication daily, too, that I hope prevents a recurrence of excruciating pain that I have experienced twice in my upper thigh. I stress out about that pain, as you do your migraine. I stress that it will happen again. The pain happened at night, awakening me from sleep. The medication I take is an anti-inflammatory drug. I take one pill once a day. I've been taking the pills for almost a month now. My Physician Assistant thinks I may have a herniated disc. I have a follow-up doctor's appointment in a couple weeks.

Elena said...

Dear Becky, Thank you for keeping us update. I know health issues can be a trial but also a wonderful time for the Lord to work in our lives. You will be in my thoughts and prayers about your condition. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about Mary on my last post. Blessings to you today!

Gayla said...

I am glad you shared. We want to know what is going on with our dear friend.. I'm glad you are getting something to help with all that. I hope you are soon feeling terrific again..

Hugs, Gayla

Tracy said...

Becky, I had no idea you were experiencing daily headaches. I'll be in prayer for you! I've suffered for most of my life with this very same thing, and it's miserable. A few years ago, after being diagnosed with high blood pressure, my Dr. placed me on Atenolol, and one of it's uses is to prevent migraines. What a relief! It helped with my BP, as well as the headaches. There certainly are times to take meds!

Melissa G. said...

I'm glad it was good news and that you were able to get some answers and a game plan sorted out. Hopefully this will help you be pain free!

Tracy said...

So glad the news is good news, Becky--that there is much promise here, and soon relief! The hard part about migraines (and I have them too, thought not as server as yours sound, but not fun all the same--last one I had was a year ago...my yoga practice seem to help this, I notice) it can be hard to find the course of treatment/aid that is best for individuals. Sounds like you've got some good doctors on your side. I hope very much those daily headaches will soon be a memory for you...and that you can unleash that energy! ;o) Wishing you all the best ((HUGS))

Kelly said...

My mother suffered migraines most of my growing up years. Hers were really bad. She'd have to get shots and spend about two days in bed.

There is better preventive medicine now. I hope you will soon be free of these migraines, as my mother has been for several years now.