Monday, June 13, 2011

Flowers From a Recent Stroll About the Yard...and Fairly Random Thoughts

 In late May the roses put on such a show.
They were loaded with gorgeous
flowers and opened proudly.

 This morning's walk revealed a time of rest.
I must go and cut off the spent blooms to 
make room for another glorious show.

Interesting that even roses need a time....
to rejuvenate and rest before they can 
be as lovely as this.

 What I love about flower beds
is that while one group of plants
takes a break another shines.
The Russian Sage is growing vigorously and 
will soon be in its full glory.
I cut it back quite harshly this year and it was 
worth it.  
The plants which were large and floppy are
now nice and tight again.

Today starts our family vacation.
Partly at home,
partly in Kentucky.
We are looking forward to time to rest
and play together.
Jonathan and the Grandma's are going to hold
down the fort here while the rest of us
head South about mid week.

But today the fun begins with a trip to Hershey Park 
for some of us....
Not me.
I'm going to enjoy some quiet time
and prepare for the upcoming road trip.
Of course, someone has to care for 
all of the dogs.
Another added to the mix yesterday...
Mister is back.
Its a long story but suffice it to say
that it should be temporary and that his
next home it supposed to be in 
Now we just need to get him there....

This rose  makes me happy.
So soft.

I love Georgia's clematis.
They grow with abandon and 
reach for the sky.

We enjoyed a wonderful worship service
yesterday and then a afternoon filled with 
conversation and fellowship at Creekside Cottage.

It is such a blessing to be able to share our hearts
with those who truly care and are lifting us up in prayer.

None of us are without concerns in our lives.
Friends make it easier to bear them.

I trust this is the beginning 
of a wonderful week
for you.


Theresa said...

Enjoy your week dear Becky! I enjoyed seeing all of the gorgeous flowers!

Blessings galore and many hugs!

Mrs.Rabe said...


Yesterday was you and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!


Vee said...

Burdens shared (and prayed over) are burdens divided. It's wonderful to have close friends for everyone, including the kids in one terrific family.

That white clematis has me swooning. My little pinky purple one isn't doing too much. I think it's cold.

Carol said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of your gorgeous flowers!


Tracy's corner said...

Love the flower pictures. Have a fun week.

Anonymous said...

The flowers that you posted are beautiful. Have a wonderful vacation!