Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All Things Strawberry

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 We just had to go
 strawberry picking
early this week.

One would have thought that the 
"Grandma's" would have been too tired
so soon after returning from a week away
but they were up bright and early Monday morning
and we headed to the field.

 Mom and I took an accidental detour because I 
questioned Mom as she was about to make a turn.
The dear woman listened to me.
I was wrong.
In trying to right the wrong I suggested
a turn to the right.
I was wrong again.

We took a very lovely drive through farmland and 
were most of the way to Maryland before I 
insisted that Mom not listen to me any more and go back
to the road she had planned to take in the first place.
I promised to not give any more advice that morning.
Let me just repeat:
It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful morning!!
We laughed and laughed.

 We found Georgia and our neighbor, Arlene, busily 
picking berries.  They had quite a few by the time we arrived.
Thankfully they intended to get more.

The weather could not have been better.
A cool breeze made time in the field comfortable.
So often when we go picking the sun beats 
mercilessly on our heads until I cry "Uncle" 
and want to head home to the air conditioning.

The baskets were quickly filled.

Chelsea was a huge help.
She picks very well.

Georgia is an expert!
She has done this for many, many years!

So what does one do with all 
of the berries?

Well, at our house one named Chelsea
makes them into strawberry bread, 
pudding and berry parfaits and 
many of us eat them one after another 
just as they are.

Grandma Georgia made 
Strawberry and basil scones.
Interesting....but good.

We plan to freeze some for smoothies over the 
Summer months.

I do hope if you love strawberries you have found
a source and are enjoying them
as much as we are.

Here in Pennsylvania we are going to have 
a very short season due to the hot, humid weather 
on top of all of the rain early on.

But, the berries are very sweet 
and full of flavor.

Edited to add:
Chelsea's recipe for strawberry bread
and photos of another fab dessert!!


Gayla said...

Nothing says June more than luscious berries... Yours look so beautiful, and you had a family time to do so... Hugs..

Anonymous said...

I just had a bowl of cereal with strawberries. I picked my strawberries at the grocery store ;-P

Vee said...

Sweet berries are a joy. I do not like picking in the hot sun and coming home with tasteless berries. Your misdirections sound like a few of my own. Not that I'd ever lose my way to the berry patch as that's just around the corner and down the road apiece. I enjoyed reading about the goodies that these berries became. Strawberry basil scones...now those do sound interesting!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I can smell those strawberries all the way over here! Wonderful! Your images are gorgeous!
I would love the strawberry bread recipe.

Tracy said...

Strawberry days... oh, how I love June and all her tastes, and especially the strawberries! Strawberry bread...mmm... Does Chelsea have a good recipe for that to share? ;o) Thanks for stopping by my place... I'm slow to catch up with everyone since we were away for a bit. Off to visit your candle place. ;o) Happy Days to you all ((HUGS))

Mrs.Rabe said...

I just finished eating strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast! Yum!

Barb~Bella Vista Cottage said...

Hi Becky, your pictures are sooooo wonderful. Just gorgeous!

We had our strawberries in January....I didn't have to say that, did I?.....I love them because you can make so many wonderful dessert with them and salads.

Happy day
Hugs, Barb

~PJ said...

I love strawberries and I miss hand picking my own believe it or not. I don't think there is a place to do that here in IL, but growing up we used to pick at Deans farms. Then make freezer jam with the pastors wife :)

Honey at 2805 said...

The strawberries are beautiful! You can almost taste their juicyness!

Karen said...

Luscious looking berries!

I haven't managed to beat the chipmunks to any of our berries yet. Sadness.

Off to check out the recipe!

Anonymous said...

I am SO bummed I am still in school until the 17th.....that means I may not be able to go strawberry picking!! I LOVE picking strawberries! They are sooooooooo good this time of the year. A nice little Amish farm near us sells them....I have stopped every day this week! Love your pics!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Look at all those delicious strawberries!