Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Very Full Day Comes to an End

It has been a very long day
made a bit stressful by nasty storms as we
left Lexington, Kentucky this morning.

We drove through rain all of the way 
to the northern border of.Kentucky,
near Cincinnati, OH.
We found our way to the Creation Museum.
We then proceeded to enjoy several hours
of enjoyable visual lessons.
This included the Planetarium Show,
Men in White~a media display in a special effects theatre
and a walk through sets of displays.

Not real people....even though they were quite lifelike.

We found the building to be quality
and the displays well thought out and 
well executed.

 Because of Warren's job in theatre
he took his time and examined things
carefully.  He was pleased with his findings.
If the people who are responsible could 
only know what a compliment that is!

The indoor portion of our day ended 
with an hour long seminar by Tim Chaffey
titled "Is Genesis Relevant in Today's World?"
It was so very good.
I am heartbroken when I hear Christians attempt
to find a way to blend Evolution and God's Word
about Creation.
It came crystal clear to me when teaching our 
children Science in the elementary years that 
if I explained that Genesis One really didn't mean
what it said that the whole foundation for them to 
believe anything in the Bible was taken away.
I know people...friends....who honestly work to 
fit millions or billions of years into the Biblical timeline
but they just don't fit!!

Tim Chaffey did an excellent job of verbalizing
all of the points I have worked through over the years.

We then headed out of doors to explore the gardens.
It was a beautiful walk.
A few photos from this time of exploration.

A very lovely garden, indeed.

We then came to our hotel for the evening.
I wanted to cry with relief when I saw our rooms.
Yes, rooms. 
We are in a suite...for less than $100.
What a great find.
God has blessed us and we are so 
very grateful.
I just keep walking around looking
and shaking my head at the difference between
what we left this morning and this wonderful, 
and very professional, hotel.
If only we had days to spend here.
But, alas, we must head for home first thing
in the morning.
It will take us all day.

Your thoughts and prayers are always 
appreciated when we travel.
Poor Warren has to deal with my 
second guessing his driving.
He is a great driver.
I should keep my mouth shut...
if only I could!


Gayla said...

Well, enjoy the night in this pretty spot... Safe journey... I had some beautiful candles this week... Thank you so much for the extra goodies! I have always wanted a wick trimmer. The melon is yummy... they are all heavenly! I will post a comment on Etsy, too.... Hugs from MO. Mom was grateful for the happy fragrances....

Mrs.Rabe said...

So happy you enjoyed the museum! We love it!

Did Mikey like the gardens there?

See you soon!

Theresa said...

Oh my friend, what a wonderful trip you had, me too but tired! I am home on my OWN sofa, will sleep in my OWN bed tonight and enjoy my OWN coffee in the morning! We have been on the road since Wednesday, ball tournaments in Tennessee and North Georgia! Lots of ball, hotels every night, loading and unloading... dah, dah, dah! Storms drenching us etc...

I am thankful to have had a safe trip, got to hold my Grandson and give him a kiss and enjoyed the company of lots of friends!

Have a blessed day dear Becky, trying to get caught up with what everyone has been up to! HUGS!

Elena said...

The museum looked like an awesome place. We want to take Mary to a creation museum. I am so glad I am going to be homeschooling her, so I can teach her the right science:)

Kelly said...

So glad your vacation ended so well. I can't wait to go to the Creation Museum in a few months.

Persuaded said...

Thanks so much for the great shots of the Creation Museum, Becky. My mind is a whirl trying to think of a way I could bring the kids to see this... Noah especially would like it. If we ever do go, you'll have to let me know the name of the hotel you stayed at. I am SO NOT a traveler and staying in a dirty hotel is one of my personal horrors;-} eek!