Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Less NIght

A most glorious decision has been made.
We are leaving this town.
That means we are leaving this hotel
which has me up way too early with 
nightmares of bedbugs.

Mind you, there is no evidence of them...
just my vivid imagination.

Chelsea and Michael have greatly enjoyed
the Ichthus Festival but are exhausted.
They just happened to mention last night
at 11:45-ish that they wouldn't 
HAVE to go back today because
they had experienced enough.

This was the best news to me because 
there were bad storms in the area last evening
and I was totally stressing about the kids but 
could not get them on the cell.
We knew from others that we ran into
about town that the festival had shut down
for a while
and sent everyone to find shelter.
My heart was going pitter patter as I 
waited until time to meet them.
Going out there at that point would have
accomplished nothing.
The place is too large and we would
not have found them.....
The National Guard and Police were
very good to enforce that everyone get
to a sheltered place.
Thankfully the worst of the storm broke
up before it got to the concert site.
I think it was miraculous because we 
could see lots of  "reds and yellows" over 
that area on the computer.
There were warnings of high winds,
lots of lightning and hail.
More storms are in the forecast for today.
I couldn't imagine being two hours
away from them....
Warren couldn't imagine not using our
tickets at the museum.
Thus the reason I am overjoyed that 
we will not be separated and that we
won't spend two needless hours on the road
returning here.

We are headed North!
To the Creation Museum.
Warren and I were planning to go today
anyway but that meant leaving the kids
here and then coming back for them.
Now they are coming too and we will
stay in a new hotel this evening!!!
I booked it very early this morning...
like at 12:15am - give or take.

I am greatly looking forward to the change.
We have made some inroads with the staff here
but I'm still more than a little creeped out.
I got a chair for our room.
From a side porch.
Carried it up the steps.
There is no elevator.
The staff member I asked said sure....
go for it....."but you can only borrow
it, you can't take it home with you!"
He expressed relief that I would take 
it myself....he said he didn't feel like it.

Ummmm.....why would I want to take
a rickety old chair home with me?
I have plenty of chairs at home.....

I suspect that this dirty chair, the refrigerator
and microwave that had to be brought in
at our request 
(because they were supposed to 
be here and we needed the fridge
for Chelsea' nutritional supplements) 
and any other changes that were made to 
the room will stay this way until someone else needs
it elsewhere. Then changes will be made.

But these are the things that make memories.
We have laughed so hard at the craziness that 
is this place.
We have felt safe enough.
We just have to shake our heads.....
at so much!!!

I came close to visiting my first Hobby Lobby.
However we got there at 8:21pm and they had closed
at 8:00pm.  Man, and we were so close!
I read about this store so often from my 
friends in Blogland.  
One of these days.......

Warren and I tried a new (to us)
restaurant for lunch yesterday.
in Nicholasville.
It was amazing.
Doesn't my new camera get clear pictures???  Yay!
 The experience of the building itself was
a treat....and the food backed it up.
I had the house salad and potato soup.
Warren had the most delicious burger ever.
Ask me how I know????
It was way too much for him so I got to 
snitch a few bites.
I should have taken photos inside
but it was quite dim and I am not very
familiar with the new camera's settings yet.
But, if you have an experience half as good 
as ours you would love the place.

In spite of my complaints we have had
a wonderful time.  Warren and I have 
had the opportunity to explore the area and just relax
while the kids were enjoying the music.
Looking forward to today, so much.
Hopefully we can get some great photos.

Have a great one...
whatever you might be up to.


Persuaded said...

I am filled with envy that you are visiting the Creation Museum. I want to go there so badly, and I'd love to take Noah with me. He would really enjoy it. Maybe some day☺

In the meantime, would you be interested in a phone chat? I'd really love to connect with you in "real life"... I'm sure we'll meet up some day in the not-too-distant-future, but in the meantime....:-D Let me know, okay?

Carol said...

You have certainly been on an adventure! Can't wait to hear about the creation museum.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am so glad that you all are going to get to go to the Creation Museum!

Did you choose a Choice Hotel this time? I hope it is nice whatever one you chose!

Your photo of the restaurant sign is great! Very clear! Lindsay said it looked nice.


Tracy said...

Now you know I feel about this place. Sigh. Except I don't get to leave...

Karen said...

Bad weather at Ichthus seems to be a tradition. Our group has come home with many tales about the weather...and always seem to have to deal with a ton of mud!

I'm glad they've had a good time but happy for you that they're ready to move on. Enjoy your time at the museum-with the kids joining you and two less hours of driving-I'm sure you'll love it.

Momma Roar said...

I'm always happy to meet other Lanc county bloggers! :) I got to meet Tracy about 2 years ago! :)

Kelly said...

Isn't it grand when things work out so well? So, you did get the new camera? Good for you!