Monday, June 20, 2011

Is It Trevor or Michael?

On Thursday Chelsea and Michael were 
very amused when we picked them up
from the Festival.
Understand that it was 11:45pm when 
we met at the Festival Site so they might
have been easily amused as tired as they were
but we thought this story was cute too.

Michael has his hair bleached and 
for fun likes to put it up in a mini mohawk.
It is cute enough.
I don't get excited about our kid's hairstyles
or hair color.  
Life is too short and other things are way
more important.

So, anyway, Thursday as he and Chelsea were
at the Festival he received several inquiries as to 
whether he was the Thousand Foot Crutch lead 
singer.  People wanted his autograph.
One guy wouldn't believe him when he denied it.
He thought he was just trying to be incognito.
So funny.

So be the judge.

Understand that Trevor used to have his 
hair bleached too.
It is that way on at least one album cover.

This is Trevor!

So is This!

Trevor?  Michael?  What are you doing at Olive Garden????
This is Michael.

I hope there wasn't a problem with that Java Chip.....what a clown.
O.k. so I guess maybe with his hair bleached there could be a 
resemblance....but not now. 
Definitely not side by side.
However, it made the day even more enjoyable for Michael.
He loved the attention.
For sure.

I know this because I have never forgotten
the night a concert attendee asked me if 
I was Debbie Boone.
No, that woman wasn't blind...
it was more than twenty years ago.
I looked quite different then........
and I sang like an angel.
Don't believe me?
You'll just have to find that 
most wonderful woman 
and ask her...

Have you ever been told you 
look like someone who is 


~PJ said...

Punky Brewster, my whole life.

Theresa said...

Oh how fun:) Those two do look alike to me! Both handsome!

Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Gayla said...

How fun! I know that made the event even more special. Once (a long time ago) my soulmate and sweetheart told me I was a Goldie Hawn clone... Well, that made him a keeper!!!! I am sure you still sing like an angel and look like Debby Boone, too....

Thank you for your sweet comment on my summer post. It is funny how something happens and all those memories trigger!

Enjoy being home...

Kelly said...

What a fun experience for Michael.
It's a bit hard to see Trevor's face with the microphone in front of him, but I don't see a huge resemblance.
When I was in elementary school, I had long blonde hair and my eyes are blue and Little House on the Prairie was very popular, and a lot of people thought I looked a lot like Melissa Sue Anderson, the girl who played Mary Ingalls.

Debby said...

They do look alike.
Paula Deen for me.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of Trevor or the band in which he is the lead singer. Michael does resemble Trevor with his hair bleached and the mohawk.