Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Have A Problem....

His name is Mister.

We were hoping to find a way to 
get him out to his owner in Missouri.
Did I tell you what happened?
She has cancer and has gone out to 
her sister's to finish her chemo and plans to stay there.

She had Mister and another dog, Charlie.
When she got to the airport she was missing 
paperwork that was necessary for taking the dogs
on the plane.
We got a phone call very early on a Sunday 
morning that he needed a place to go.
Of course we said yes.
He has been here before when R was in a bad spot.
The other dog was taken by a worker
at the airport.

At the time I had hopes that R would be 
close enough to Branson that if someone was
headed there for Sight and Sound they could
perhaps take him there.

Unfortunately, she is hours from Branson
so I don't see this working.

R called and left a message while we were
in Kentucky.
I returned the call when we got home.
Now I haven't heard back from her.
What to do?

Is she still his owner?
Is he ours to do with what we will?
I want to find him a permanent home...FAST!
If you can believe it he and Michael are bonding.
Michael, with whom there was mutual hate
the first two times Mister stayed with us.
Now they just adore each other.
It is wrong, I tell you.
A scheme on Mister's part.  
Somehow he just knows that this is his one way in.

Add to that the fact that he is fitting in so much 
better.  He loves Bandit and Chloe....
No........I don't want three dogs!!

Anyone interested if R doesn't get back to me?
He is a dog who needs a relatively quiet
home.  No children.  He takes too long
to warm up in new situations and with 
a lot of noise.

Any takers?
I'm about to call R. and tell her that 
if we can't find a way to get him out there 
he will be given away.

I don't know if I'll hear from her again.
I heard she has a new dog.
Our initial instructions that Sunday morning were
to keep him or take him to the Humane League.
I was the one who was trying to keep 
them together.....

What would you do?


Stacey said...

Keep him. :)

You were so sweet to help them out in that situation.

Tracy said...

Hmm..are you sure you don't want 3 dogs? He seems to like Warren an awful lot...

Vee said...

He seems to be fitting right in and he's such a wee little fellow. Warren seems to like him and Mike does as well. He can't eat much. Oh I don't know...what a dilemma! (I don't think I could take him to the stressful for you all.) I know, let's ask the Lord!

Mrs.Rabe said...


This dog is trouble - don't forget that! Remember Kimi and how you couldn't have people over - Mister is nearly as bad!

Your getting sucked in...don't do it!

~PJ said...

My bleeding heart would keep his little face, no doubt he just needs some structure and stability in his little life. Oh that widdle face.

Too bad I'm already at my pet limit.

Gayla said...

You don't want three dogs? Do three dogs want you?

detweilermom said...

Oh Becky, You are so kind. We would take him but I think Elena would have him for a snack.

Vickie said...

Becky - he looks just like my little Bug - same color and everything. I'm too far away or I'd take him. I can't resist a sweet little lap dog. Looks like Mister's already made the decision for you, my friend... ;)

Theresa said...

Oh no, how sad! Cute little Mister:( I don't know what I would do... probably like you are doing, pound the pavement looking for a home! Good luck! HUGS!

MYSAVIOR said...

Becky -
If it were me and he get along with my other pets and your husband, I would keep him. Oh my, he is so cute. Just keep him away from strangers. The humane society will put him down. I can't even think about it. I would continue trying to find a home for him but in the meanwhile, he will be bonding more and more.
Whoever his previous owner was, I do not understand how she could leave that adorable face. My Chichi and Mister could be brothers!
God Bless you, my dear.

Lizzi said...

If you don't want three dogs, and he would add more stress, your only choice is to find him a new home. You could advertise on craigslist and on your facebook page if you have one...

myeuropeantouch said...

Oh Becky...if there is enough love and food for two, there must be enough for 3..dont you think...He is the cutest lil boy even though he is called Mister...

Kelly said...

I totally agree with Mrs. Rabe, get him outta there! Don't be a marshmallow! lol