Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hydrangea Days

Sweet pink hydrangeas.

Given to Warren by his employers after his father died.
Michael's blue hydrangea.  When I saw the bush so full that blooms were laying on the ground I knew I had to bring some into the house!

Michael made these blue...that was not their initial color.  It was one of his horticulture projects.  Turned out very well, if you ask me.

I love the various shades on this plant.

It makes me smile to look over and see the
happy color combination.

We plan to add more hydrangea bushes
to our landscape.  
I know just where they will go.
Oh the vases I will be able to fill.....


Mrs.Rabe said...

One of my favorites! I am so glad you cut them and brought them inside! Also you can simply air dry them and they will be beautiful...would you ask Mikey what he used to change the acidity of the soil. Mine used to be blue...and I like them to be again!

Kathy said...

I love Hydrangeas! Yours are beautiful - love the various colors in the blue! It is hard for me to keep pink ones pink here with the acidic soil!
Hope you have a great week,

Carol said...

They're beautiful! I wish I had some in my yard.


Theresa said...

GORGEOUS! I love them in ALL colors! I only have blue but have been looking at some pink ones that I would love to plant:)

Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Anonymous said...


Elena said...

Very pretty. I love hydrangeas too!

Melissa G. said...

I love hydrangeas! They are one of my favorites too! Yours are beautiful!