Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Joys of Tooth Removal...not for the Squeamish

I apologize to my Facebook Friends as this
is now old news.  But to those who only read 
here it will not be old.
Gross maybe, but not old. 

For months I have struggled with an
upper molar
that I knew was dying.  
It would give me jolt like shocks all 
of the time.
I could feel my pulse beating in it if 
I bent over.
Don't even think about getting
it cold.....ugghhh.
Finally chewing on it became a problem.
Understand that as a former dental assistant
in an office that specialized in root canals
I knew exactly what was happening
but when I went to my dentist there was 
no evidence on the x-ray yet.
It was just too soon.

Last week I woke up in the 
middle of the night with horrific pain in 
a bicuspid on the lower jaw.
I mean pain that made me sweat!
Every tooth on that side of my mouth 
hurt somehow and I didn't know 
what to make of it.

I suffered with it for a couple of days 
and then called the dentist's office.
The receptionist suggested I try our 
family doctor in case it was a sinus infection.
I really dislike going to the dentist so I went with that
plan....knowing better, of course.

Surprisingly...not....the doctor found no 
evidence of a sinus infection.
So...back to the beginning.

As the pain continued to increase and 
our departure date drew near the pressure from
the family increased to get this thing taken care of.
They did not want me messing up our time in Kentucky!
I don't blame them.....

So, yesterday, I found that side of my face swelling 
and I did what I had known all along I would have to do.
I called the Oral Surgeon.
This is not a tooth that I am willing to spend
$2,000 on.  By the time I would get done with 
root canal, post and crown that is about where we 
would be.

The extraction time was set.
I showed up.
A minor miracle in itself as I really dreaded it.
They took me back quickly.
The doctor said little.
He set about to remove the tooth.
He pushed and pulled.
He said, "I hope this doesn't break."

It broke.

And broke again.

He requested a new instrument.
The one he was working with had bent.

Then he called for the drill.
Two roots were stuck and 
he had to drill them out.

All the while the man is not wearing 
a mask....which surprised me greatly....
is leaning across me....laying on me....
and breathing in my face.

I haven't been to a dentist who worked without
a mask for ever!!

That, in itself, made me nervous.

But, he finally declared the job done
and assures me that he got it all.
I pray he is right.

He ordered an antibiotic because he said
it was badly infected.
No surprise to me.
And I drove myself home through
some of the worst pain of the whole deal.

I took the pain medicine he gave me last night
and regretted it nearly immediately.
I got so strange feeling and nauseous.
The pain remained!
Not doing that again.

When the family returned from their 
day at Hershey Park
Chelsea made me mashed potatoes.
That was all I could think of that I wanted
to eat.  They were wonderful.
That's my girl!!

I remembered the advice of a friend,
and found some Naproxen that had been
prescribed to me at some point in the past.
I took it and the pain eased up.
I slept like a baby.
A good baby.
Not a fussy baby.

Praying for a better day today.
We have much to do in order to prepare for
our trip.
Others have offered to help but it really isn't 
that kind of stuff.
So...I am headed to the kitchen to find
food enough to support an antibiotic 
and another Naproxen and then the day can 
begin in earnest.

Wishing you a very normal
and healthy day.

We don't treasure those normal days as we should.
But I do know one woman who does.
My friend Theresa.
Her grandson was born with serious
complications and she finally had her first
normal day yesterday.
She loved it.....
You can read her posts here.....

Love ya!
And friend who so kindly ordered from
my Etsy shop...I mailed your
order on the way to the 
oral surgeon's office.
Loved the distraction.


Carol said...

I wish you could have had my oral surgeon pull your tooth. He is so wonderful and gentle. He's pulled 3 teeth for me.
I hope you have a better day today.
Pain is no fun even with meds.

Hugs & Love,

Theresa said...

Oh dear Becky, a toothache is just awful! I had to have a root canal several years ago and it was almost too late for it too:(

Thanks for your prayers and yes NORMAL is wonderful after so many stressful days!


Mrs.Rabe said...

That is such a pain, yes, pun intended!

Glad the naproxen worked!

Have a great trip!


Anonymous said...

I wish you a better day today, Becky. A visit to the dentist is never any fun, even if the visit results in only a teeth cleaning!

Vee said...

Oh, Becky, that sounds awful. He wasn't wearing a mask? My oral surgeon and I are well acquainted I'm afraid. He's a big man and can pull a tooth with one mighty yank. I love him for that. My regular dentist is a wee little fellow and he'd do well to pull a baby tooth.

Feel better...look for an email.

Gentle hugs...

~PJ said...

as a fellow family member with crappy teeth I can totally understand your feelings in this post. I need a minor ton of work done in my mouth and I get anxious just thinking about it. It would be 10x worse if I knew my dentist wasn't going to wear a mask! eek!

Vickie said...

Becki, I hope you're back to normal in no time! With Chelsea cooking for you, it shouldn't take long -

Sorry you had to have such a bad experience with your surgeon - no mask AND breaking your tooth! I'd mark him off my list of oral surgeons!

Tracy's corner said...

Oh!! You poor thing. Hope you feel better soon. I hate going to the dentist too.

Elena said...

I am so sorry to hear of your pain and struggle with your tooth. I pray you are doing better today and it will heal up quickly!

Gayla said...

I am sooo sorry to hear about all your suffering. I hope everything is perfect soon,,,

Kelly said...

Oh my! You really had a tough time with that tooth. I can't believe that dentist didn't wear a mask. I would've had to stop him and ask about that, as I do my very best to avoid catching things from others. I know that some things just can't be avoided, but when you can take preventive measures, why not take them?