Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Heart is Going Pitter Patter

 Tomorrow, if the Lord wills it, 
my kiddos, Mom and Georgia will return home.

Home from a week of fun, service and learning.
They have called the past three nights.
Two evenings at .99 per minute.
Last evening from Mom's cell phone as they 
were approaching land.

Can't wait to see the kiddos and our moms.
It has been quiet in the neighborhood!

The morning they left.  Mikey was not very cooperative for pictures.  I'm thinking it was nerves and the fact that it was morning!
The stories we have heard already are sweet.
I'm hoping for photos to go along with them 
so I will hold off on sharing them.
Just a bit longer.

My heart is also going pitter patter because 
there has been no dessert in this house for a week.
I admit that I did find a scrumptious peanut butter cream pie
when we ventured out the other evening.
(Chelsea, I must take you there to try it.
You could add it to your list!)
And for once, just once, because I never get the 
chance to really miss dessert when Miss Chelsea is 
here, last night I craved brownies with walnuts.
Alas, I decided not to turn the oven on to 
bake no brownies.
Perhaps that might be the first thing my 
sweet girlie makes when she gets home.
Nothing fancy like these that you've made before....

Really Chelsea.
I want the old fashioned very chocolaty 
brownie.  Maybe a touch of ice cream on top.

Oh, and we must go and pick strawberries
for shortcake....

Ahhhh....things can come back into focus with 
all of them back at home.


Theresa said...

I can't wait to hear stories and see pictures! The desserts all look yummy and would go really nice with my morning coffee:)

Have a blessed and thankful day! HUGS!

Persuaded said...

Ummm.. you should really have those brownies warm from the oven... you know so the ice cream melts just a bit over the top? ;-}

Can't wait to hear about all of their adventures☺

Phyllis said...

That was really not nice of you to post the pictures of those yummy looking desserts.!!

Vee said...

Oh I would be in deep trouble with a baker like Chelsea in the house.

Glad that they'll be home soon. Just today for calm and peace and quiet. I imagine that you've had enough of that.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Emily is making her famous brownies for the fellowship meal tomorrow! You can get your craving satisfied then!


Anonymous said...

Chelsea - I want brownies too ;-)
What an amazing talent! I can hear my three brothers saying, "Now THAT'S a GIFT!!"
Hope you all have a good time with each other!

Bee said...

I want to pick strawberries too. Let me know when you go.

Karen said...

It all looks so good-nice that your personal chef will be back soon.

Can't wait to hear all about their experiences. What a busy time this has been for your family!

I want to pick strawberries, too. Preferably from my own garden-but the chipmunks got last year and their population seems to have grown since then. Maybe I should pick them in PA?

Susanna said...

What a neat name for a blog! And someone at your house is a GREAT photographer! Thank you for sharing your blog with me, Becky!

(Btw, I don't have the fancy gadgets to tell me who's reading V's blog, or how many, so I am clueless, but for me, it's better that way! I already get discouraged and feel like quitting about every other week as it is!)