Monday, June 6, 2011

If That Doesn't Fix It I Don't Know What Will

Please understand that my mother has been warned that 
this was going to show up in the blog.  It was just one of 
those too good to miss stories from their
most recent adventure.

I say "most recent" because my mom and Warren's mom
have really made it a priority to have adventure in their

 We happen to think that it is awesome!

Anyway, the trip this time involved the ship called
Destiny, one of the Carnival Lines Ships.

The Destiny left Miami last Monday morning headed to 
Jamaica.  Michael, Chelsea, Mom and Georgia
got on board and left on Cruise With A Cause.
The casinos were shut down and turned into settings
for Bible Teaching and Concerts.  J*sh McDowell
was the "Headliner" so to speak.  

There were several instances where our travelers saw
him out and about on deck and one of the funniest things
happened during one of these meetings.
Mom spoke to him and mentioned that she had recently 
heard him speak in Lancaster.  

Now, what you have to know is that Mom cannot say
Lancaster correctly.  She always inadvertantly speaks of 
Lancaster, CA because she says Lan-CAST-er instead of 
Lanc-eh-ster. It seems a minor difference unless you live here
or have had the unfortunate experience of being corrected
by one of us.  Mom has had this experience regularly since 
moving here four years ago.  She even works in a tourist
destination and does not get it right.

A couple of years ago she was in Israel....another Georgia
and Mom adventure....and they met people from a nearby 
Pennsylvania town.
When asked where they lived Mom gave her usual response.
The couple then stated with certainty, 
"You weren't
raised there, were you?"

So, that made this meeting all the more hysterical to us.
When Mom spoke to J*sh McDowell and told him she
had heard him speak recently in Lan-CAST-er he was
polite...but as he walked away he said,
"It's Lanc-eh-ster.
It took me thirteen years to get that right!"

You might think that this experience would have 
corrected Mom's issue?
She was encouraged.
Its only been four years for her.
If it took J*sh McDowell thirteen years
she figures she has time.

Oh my.

I love my Mother!!!


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

What a fabulous thing for your mom and mother in law to do! Sounds like a ball of fun! Happy they are enjoying life.

Gayla said...

That is so funny... Your Mom must have been so proud!! I can imagine she will say it just as she pleases for quite some time... We know where she's meaning... I would have thought SHE was right, so it is definitely a "you gotta live there" thing... haha..

Theresa said...

I am tickled pink that those two travel around and see the world together! What a sweet blessing to have them so close and that they enjoy each other's company!

Funny story about how Lancaster is pronounced correctly and incorrectly... I didn't know that:)

Have a blessed day my friend,HUGS!

Karen said...

Oh, that is so funny!

I learned to say it correctly when Clarence and I visited there back before kids. Prior to that trip, I said it just like your mom.

We also learned what "fillin'" was on that trip-a waitress couldn't explain it to us other than to keep calling it "fillin'". When Clarence's dinner arrived-with fillin'-he said to the waitress "Do they sell Stove Top Fillin' here?"

Vee said...

Wow. I have been saying it incorrectly for forty something years. I'll be. Sort of like Worcester Mass, which everyone who's from away butchers. I'll try to remember that one, but it might take me another forty years. Thanks for the lesson.

Mrs.Rabe said...

That is hilarious! She now has many years to get it right!

Andrea said...


Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Anonymous said...

I don't pronounce Lancaster correctly either. Bob corrects me whenever I pronounce it wrong.

Bee said...

I've never heard your mom say "Lancaster". I will have to ask her next time I see her. :)
It's like moving to a foreign country, huh?!?

Tracy's corner said...

LOL!!! I love it!!