Thursday, June 16, 2011

ummmm.......What to Say.......

I am sitting on the floor basically in a closet.
An ironing board is to my left and the hotel
room door is to my right.

I DID NOT request this photo....but here it is.

You know that saying about getting what you
pay for?  Well, it is true.  When I got four nights
for four people for 273.00 I should have known
it would have its drawbacks.

Oh well.

The beds were comfy!
I do not lie.
So....for that I am thankful.

However, I have never, ever, ever
seen a in 
such an unprofessional manner.

More on this subject later.....maybe.
I am taking photos to send to headquarters.
But I must be very nice right now since we
have three more nights here and I wish to 
live.  Suffice it to say that all of the problems
could be solved with a changing of the management!

Our drive to Kentucky was beautiful.
I admit that I kept nodding off but was too
nervous to really sleep because I always 
think it is my job to keep Warren awake.
He would probably be fine...but you just never know.

We got to the Ichthus Festival site last evening
and were initally very impressed.  The campsites
were neat and orderly and the staff courteous
and helpful.  We found the line for the will call window
to pick up the kids wristbands so that they could go was about 9:30pm.  Remedy Drive was to play 
at 10:45pm.  Tired as they were Mikey and Chelsea
were eager to check out the site.  Well, we stood in 
the line for a bit and then a woman came out and announced
that they were closed, we would have to come back tomorrow.

Understand that our paper said this window would be open
until 10pm.  I had checked.  And rechecked.
No way were we driving all the way out there to 
not be able to get them in.

We headed back to the car.
Part of me said, "Good, we can get to bed."
Part of me said, "NO WAY!"  They paid for 
these tickets and they are getting in!!"

That last part of me won.

I called out to the woman checking for wristbands
and showed her our paper.  She was furious due to 
other changes the organization had made that impacted
her....a she marched over to the will 
call window and then came back to get us.
We got our wrist bands.
Good thing, too.
Once Warren saw what it said on the paper
he wasn't leaving!!
They got off

The kids had a great time for a couple of hours
and then we returned for them.
Security looks to be great there.
Local police and volunteer security are evident
on site and it is clean and orderly. that we have gotten all of the paperwork
out of the way it should be good.

We are on our way this morning to meet my dear blog 
friend, Tracy, at Back to Basics.  This woman is such a 
hard worker and I know I am pulling her away from some
very important canning, freezing or something equally 
industrious.  But I am SOOO excited to meet her in person.
She and Abigail are meeting us for an early lunch
at an Olive Garden.  By the way, I made the copycat 
recipe for the Zuppa Tuscana this past week and it 
turned out great.  Want to try it?  Here is the link.

I'll finish with the reason that I am on the floor with 
my laptop.  The issue is outlets.  There aren't many 
and there is NO chair.  Of the outlets that we did find
two are hanging out of the joke!



Karen said...

Julianne loves Remedy Drive, too, so she would have been just as anxious as Chelsea to get in for that concert. I'm so glad you were able to work it out so easily and that Warren didn't have to get tough with them.

Bummer about your room. Sounds like you at least got a good price and, for me personally, getting good sleep in a hotel is worth a whole lot, even some inconveniences.

Enjoy your lunch meeting with Tracy. I read her blog, too, and although I know she's always busy, I'm also sure that meeting up with you is well worth the time away from her tasks. Have fun together!

LemonyRenee' said...

Becky, how nice of you to stop by my blog and still leave a comment despite it being dormant. I can tell from the words you used that you DO have a good idea about what RAD is like. How blessed that family is to have friends who understand and who see. It can make such a big difference. I will keep them in my prayers as I know the troubled hearts they must have.

As to your hotel experience, good for you -- take pics and report it all. It makes the world a better place for all of us who may come after you. Hang in there!

Joyce said...

Geez Louise as the saying sure picked a wacky hotel but the price can't be beat. Still I would write a letter including photos of the electrical boxes because a photo is always worth a thousand words. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Melissa G. said...

At least the beds are comfy! =) Enjoy your lunch today with your bloggy friends!

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

A comfy bed is important so it's good that at least you have that!

Mrs.Rabe said...

So happy that you got to have lunch with Tracy and Abigail! I thought of you all afternoon!

Well, at least your beds are comfy...


RobinfromCA said...

You brought a smile to my face as I remembered a 'great deal' we got years ago in Orlando. Four of us (me, hubby, daughter and my mom) flew from CA to FL and get to a hotel that seemed to have a photo of it's only refurbished room in it's brochure. Our adjoining rooms both had moldy bathrooms, water stained and peeling wallpaper, saggy beds with sheets only under the bedspreads and my mother was horrified to find that her bedspread had a hole the size of a basketball in the middle of it. Well, we didn't get our $400 for 6 nights of adjoining rooms returned because we pre-paid and it was non-refundable, but we did change hotels and have a fabulous week! One thing is sure...these experiences give us stories to tell - later after the sting wears off. :-)

Hope you had a great lunch!

Vee said...

Don't know how I missed this this photo, too. Thanks to the anonymous photographer. So sorry that you are dealing with less than stellar conditions, but if you handle the letter to corporate with the same aplomb you handled the concert, I have every faith that all will be well.

Kelly said...

What a great start to a vacation! lol

Too bad about the hotel. Glad the beds were comfy as that's the most important part.