Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Because She is Very Persuasive.....

 The campaign went on for a few months.
There would be a music festival in Kentucky coming in June.
Of course, we have music festivals right here in Pa.
At least one huge one....
where Warren and I have spent many happy days.
It is called Creation.
It is coming up at the end of June.

Apparently all of the "right" people weren't going to be there.
So....on the white board on the side of the refrigerator
each day would appear a new message about the Kentucky
Festival.  Then e-mails would appear in my inbox.
Big eyes would look at me with meaning.
Money was offered.
This was big.
Our Chelsea is tight with her money.
She must have gotten her Grandpa Gene's
money skills.
He was definitely always seeking out the best deal.
He usually found it too.
But this was so important
that she would shell out her own money
to pay for 
tickets and help with the expenses.

Finally we were worn down but there was a problem.
In order for her to go to the music festival without us
she needed someone over the age of eighteen to 
accompany her.

At the time this whole campaign began her brother
Michael was committed to his schooling at the gardens.
Friends older siblings were consulted.
We even consulted my friend, Melissa.
She thinks younger than I do.....

Nobody was able to go.
It didn't look good.

Well, then Michael's plans were changed.
He became available.
Michael happens to enjoy this music nearly
as much as Chelsea.
They are the only two in our home who would
possibly enjoy this event.

So...It was Michael to the rescue.

We leave Jonathan at home to mind the house, 
the dogs, the chickens, the cats.....
The Grandma's are planning to feed him and 
see that he has whatever he might need.
I think that he is going to be quite spoiled
so please don't feel sorry for him.

This is a journey of
Photos of Mikey's hand ....collage by Chelsea.

I'll be back when I have internet connection.
Hopefully that will be very soon.


Theresa said...

What a wonderful Brother to make his Sister's dream come true:) Love the picture made with the fingers, quite creative!

Have a blessed evening my friend, HUGS!

Vee said...

Sounds like Chelsea has had this figured out for some time. Hope that both she and Mike enjoy the performance and that you all have a good time traveling.

(Hope that your meds are great for this trip. What timing for the tooth to give out.)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Have fun....

Give Tracy a huge hug for me...

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that things worked out so you all could go to Kentucky. I love the "love" collage!

~PJ said...

OK, I love the collage of LOVE done in her brothers hands, so cool...

and ENJOY!!!

Karen said...

Cool collage! They are so clever!

My girls have expressed no desire to attend Ichthus, even though a group from our church is going. With Dad's surgery and Julianne's lifeguard training, it wouldn't have worked out for her to go anyhow but I bet she's kinda sorry now that she isn't going to be there.

Hope you have a great trip and that Chelsea and Mikey have an awesome time!

Persuaded said...

Oh my goodness, how I laughed when I read this! I've been there girl (in fact I think I live there;-]) Now I'm curious as to what the musical groups were that Chels is so interested in☺

Praying for your dental difficulties my dear. I have ongoing issues in that department so you have my empathy- in the intense-est way possible *shudders*...
love ya dearie♥

Elena said...

I love all the pictures! You guys are wonderful parents and love your kids so much! Blessings to you on your trip:)