Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy Family Life

Sometimes things just don't work out in reality as you plan them in your head. Last night was one of those times.

I got this idea in my head that since our family hasn't gone on a vacation all summer, the kids will start school again in three weeks, and I had just cleared my kitchen of much of its usual clutter, it would be a nice evening to just take the whole family and go out to eat.

I was thinking something special...maybe a steakhouse or Red Lobster.
Mikey is our picky eater so once he was up for those options I was optimistic.

Then the plan began to turn sour.

We found out that Jonathan, who had just returned from a long walk had not known
he was to walk Mom's dog, Bear. So that had to happen before we left. He was not thrilled to have to walk again.

That was my fault.

Warren decided that he could get some church business done while Jonathan was gone with Bear and that phone call took forever.

Not my fault.

This interim of time gave Mikey the opportunity to lose his interest in Steak and only want Pizza.

Somehow this was my fault.

Warren got to thinking about all of the things we needed to get done before today and got a little cranky. Hey, its ok, we all get cranky sometimes...he rarely gets cranky.

This was my fault.

So...this finds us all in the car...silent...unless you want to count the grumbling and my apologies for having such a bad idea. As we come into Strasburg we see the worst possible sight...for anyone hoping to eat at a Restaurant on Route 30...Sight and Sound Theatre has just let out. Cars are streaming out of the parking lot and being drawn as if by a large magnet to any Restaurant available out there.

This was my fault.

I suggested we head over to Bird-in-Hand to see what looked appealing over there.
We ended up at the Family Restaurant. It is a very nice place and has a great buffet, but Mikey hates any Restaurant with Family in the name. To him it means that it is not a Pizza Joint...funny!

This was my fault.

As we got out of the car a huge group was walking across the parking lot. They beat us to the door. Sigh. I was on the phone with Mom hoping that she was just leaving work and could join us, now that we knew where we were going...No she had just arrived at home.

So it was because I made that phone call that the large group made it in the door first. My fault.

It wasn't bad. They seated us relatively quickly. Mikey ordered a burger. It was messy. That is wrong. He had to eat it with his fork. He was angry.

Pretty sure from the looks he gave was my fault.

The rest of us attempted to enjoy our dinner while babies screamed and we had to have someone move anytime someone wanted something from the salad bar or the buffet as we were in a corner booth.

Guessing I get the blame for that.

We all survived.

Aren't we terribly spoiled? We were talking about that at some point last evening. Americans take so much for granted. We have the freedom to hop in the car at the last minute and drive to a place where someone else is cooking and cleaning up after us. We often have multiple cars in our driveways. We have homes that would be mansions to millions of people in this world. And yet we complain. I think that last evening was the perfect example of the ways our family takes our comfort and our freedoms for granted. Shame on us. were wondering about the picture? We often send our oldest out at night with a shovel...wearing all black. No! Just kidding. One of the many things that needed to get done last night was uncovering the septic lid because I had scheduled a routine clean out for tomorrow.
Definitely My Fault!

So, we all, except Mikey, but including Georgia watched and cheered Jonathan on in his quest to dig out the lid.
It turned into an event.
Chelsea snapped this picture and actual fun was had.
Who knew!

My fault!


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh my!

We have had those events happen - not fun.

Will we see you at the park today?

I am actually going to make it there today!

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness Becky, what a time you all had. We all have those days that just dont seem to work out right at all. And you are so right, that we are so spoiled and take things for granted. We complain about anything and everything no matter how big or small the issue is....seems like we all need to be more humble!!! But thats why we are human!