Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quiet Morning...alone!

So... do I:

1. Mop the floors?

2. Make the candle orders that are waiting?

3. Work on paperwork that should be done?

4. Plant waiting flowers?

5. Begin planning our Co-op Thanksgiving Concert?

6. Weed the gardens?

7. Sleeeeeeepppppp?

8. Vacuum?

9. Clean the bathroom?

10. Sleeeeepppppppp?

I'll get to work!

Blessings on your day. I've got three hours in which to be very productive.
Best not waste them....


Mrs. Rabe said...

Enjoy your morning being productive!

I have no advice on what you should do, I just pray that you are able to have joy while you work at it!

Alicia said...

It will feel so good when you accomplish and have a productive day!!!

Not sure which you will choose, but whatever it is....have fun!