Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

From the shock and disappointment to discovering I was pregnant just after selling every bit of "baby stuff" we owned to the delight and love that cannot be compared, it was a ride over nine months that would be hard to duplicate.
Miss Chelsea gave us an experience that would change our lives forever and would build our faith, teach me that working with my hands is not the only way to serve, (prayer is every bit as effective!), and the love, strength and companionship that this child offers daily makes every second on bedrest and concern for the financial side of things totally worth while.
I have posted some of the story before but suffice it to say that I was told in the fourth month that my blood pressure was unbelievably high and that I was to get off my feet. This got progressively worse until I was allowed to do NOTHING but lay on the couch with a visiting nurse coming in daily and friends from church and my Mom cleaning, loving my boys and taking care of us. Warren was a rock during this time. Bearing with emergency trips to the hospital. Doing all of those extra chores on top of holding down his job...
I would not trade any of it if it meant I could not have Chelsea. She is a delight! A true delight!

Her best qualities?

She loves Jesus...with her whole heart.

She is caring. She is funny. Chelsea is sincere. She is a planner....I could go on and on....

Happy 13th Birthday, Miss Chelsea!!!!

Your Mommy and Daddy love you and are so proud of the young lady you are becoming!!


Kara & Jack's mom said...

Happy 13th, Miss Chelsea! You are such a sweetie pie.... our entire family, especially Kara, has been blessed with your friendship and kindness since we moved into the neighborhood. Your kindness, patience and sweet-loving nature always shines to others. I have no doubt that as you enter the teen years, yor will continue to grow into an even-more mature, God-fearing and loving young lady. Happy Birthday.... we love you! Judy and the Richards' Family

Mrs. Rabe said...

Happy Birthday Miss Chelsea!

We Love You!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet pictures of Chelsea!! Happy Birthday from Miss Paula!!

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Happy Birthday Chelsea. . . you "beautiful" young lady. Welcome to the "teen" years. May you always live your life like a piano. . . grand. . . upright. . . and true!!

God's richest blessings on you during the coming year :)