Monday, July 7, 2008

The Weekend Camera Action!

Wow! I am amazed I could crawl out of bed this morning.
What a wonderful but tiring weekend!

Saturday I took a walk around the yard with camera in hand
and caught a few flowers doing nice things.

My mother-in-law weeded most of this area last week and the boys put the mulch down. It was a mess because we had cut these bushes off and were debating removing them altogether or just letting them grow back. I am glad we let them stay.
There is a ways to go but this is progress. I wanted the mulch down on what was weeded so that it will at least help with preventing more weeds.

Then I was at the church and took some pictures there. I wanted to show you what I did to help this situation:
These plaques were too small and too light...

I used some mahogany stain and lightly went over each of the plaques. I then got a burgundy ribbon and attached it behind all of them to make your eye perceive it more as one piece rather than three little items. It is a small change but it makes a huge difference!

As for that mahogany stain, I also put it to good use on these...

This wall is large. To find items that would fit well and pay retail for them would have cost a small fortune. So, being the yard sale diva that I am...I found these pieces of pottery. They were a dingy, dirty yellow but I thought I saw potential in them. First off, I painted them a faux paint to match our chairs. However, when I put them up I was not happy with the color. So back to the imagination I went and out came the stain. I love them now. They match the piano, pulpit and the post makeover...remember the posts?

Anyway, then I found this picture for $50 at Kirklands. So all together this arrangement cost $57.00. I am pretty pleased with that.

A few other shots inside the church...just to see if you see any changes since I showed you last. It is easy for me to forget at what point things have changed. I need to get some photos of the office area and the library.

It has been fun to have this as a project...I think it would have been more fun if there had been a bigger budget, however, there is a challenge in making things look nice with very little money. We have taken tables from our homes and our offices...we have found things at auction and we have gotten creative with pictures from Goodwill.

I am happy with how the flowers are growing out in front of the church. This has been my Mom's project and she has done a wonderful job. I also love the table and chairs that Joe and Carol picked up for the little patio area. Too Cute!

This photo shows just a tiny fraction of the flower beds all across the front. Mom waters them faithfully...not an easy job given that she has to carry the water there since there is no outside water source and the only sink in the place is in the bathroom. You can't get a watering can into the sink, it is too shallow. We plan to add a sink up in the mini kitchen area we are developing.

Sorry for all of the pictures...if you have a slow connection this might have been a bit much...

Yesterday, we had seventeen here for lunch as we celebrated Chelsea's birthday and got to know a new family at church. I made a huge pot of beef, potatoes and carrots.

This was the "before" picture. I was a little too busy to get the "after". We also made ham and string beans as a second main dish.

Chelsea totally enjoyed her birthday and loved having everyone here. Her eyes just danced all day long. I did not get a pictures of the cake but let me tell you that Georgia made a wonderful Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Oh, my Goodness!!!!! It was wonderful!

Well, I had better get moving as there is much to be done today.

Blessings on your day.
Hope all is well with YOU!

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daisy said...

The pottery turned out beautiful. And yard sale diva is one of my favorite hats to wear. :)