Friday, July 25, 2008


O.k. so I know you are on pins and needles
wondering what I did yesterday....not!

But, I am going to tell you anyway...

1. Did paperwork for 2 and a half hours!
2. Vacuumed upstairs and down.
3. Had lunch all by myself at Hershey Farms.
4. Picked up the kids at their workplace.
5. Made the kids plant those waiting flowers.
6. Washed up the many dirty dishes that my family can produce faster than you can say, "I just did that!"
7. Got some much needed shopping done.
8. Washed some windows.

It ended up being a productive day.

I should make lists more often.

About the pain and surgery:

I have agreed to attempt to treat this with hormones for six weeks in an attempt to avoid surgery. This morning that feels like a bad idea...however...if I can keep this ovary my overall health would be a lot better. So...we will see.

Your prayers are appreciated.

Have a blessed day.


Mrs. Rabe said...

You have been productive! I am praying that the hormones work!

Anonymous said...

I am in no pain right now. Tuesday was a God thing totally.

I hope you do feel better and can get some relief.

I am dying my hair to get all freshly blonde for you!! HEE HEE

So Evan and I went Hair Dye shopping and battery shopping. Had to go to 3 stores to find my shade.

Take it easy and put your feet up. I am sure Alicia will have news later, but I cannot tell!!!

lady jane said...

Before my 'big surgery' I went on Danozal (sp?) for 7 months. Heaven. Pure heaven. Can't be on it for long though.