Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Riding Lesson

It had rained the whole night before so there was
trepidation as to whether it might be too wet to
experience this first lesson.

(This butterfly was taking
a drink after the rain from a
butterfly bush at Creekside Cottage.)

However, the phone call came around 9:00 am that it
looked good. Not too wet.

I think Grandma Ruth must have been excited about the
lesson because she was ready in plenty of time.

Chelsea was a bit more sedate.

Grandma Georgia came along for the fun. She is an experienced
horse woman, having owned her own horse for 25 years. She now
finds herself volunteering at a horse rescue. A fabulous answer
to prayer. After losing her husband Georgia has needed a
purpose. The horse farm truly helps.

When we arrived at Creekside Cottage the horses were in the ring.
They were not yet saddled having needed a little grooming for
Cheyenne. Turns out she loves a good roll in the mud. Apparently
white horses love to have brown spots. So Miss Lindsay and her
grandfather had been brushing mud out of her white coat.

The lesson began as we learned about saddling up. Cinching the
saddle "thingy" until it seems just right and then walking the
horse until it exhales...seems the silly critters are smart
enough to hold their breath so the saddle is not too tight.
If you exercise it enough before getting on the horse will have
to let that air out and you can re-cinch the saddle. Cool!
Even I learned something.

Here are the pictures from the morning...

Meet Sandy...Mrs. Rabe says Sandy has a bit of the attitude of a Queen. She is a lovely horse who is oh so gentle, however. A very smart animal.

Both horses grab a last minute snack before the bits go in their mouths.

Then Chelsea and Grandpa Bob get them to exhale. Don't want that saddle coming off mid lesson!

I, of course took a couple more pictures of Chelsea than Grandpa Bob. Even though I like Grandpa Bob just fine...he has a tendency to beat me at bowling....maybe that is why I slighted him on pictures...one never knows...

Grandma Ruth get her helmet in place. Look at that face!

And then she is on the horse! Miss Lindsay is an excellent instructor. Chelsea wants more of her time in the next lesson...she loves Lindsay! Lindsay has been thoroughly interested in all things "horse" since I met her nearly eight years ago.
She is the reason Creekside Cottage has horses.

Chelsea rides...with instruction from Grandma Georgia.

Miss Sarah kept an eye on everything...

A sweet picture of Grandpa Bob, Rachel and Cheyenne. Grandpa Bob is the proud owner of this very gentle horse.

Miss Emily was a great big sister to Kyle and took him on the swings. He wanted Emily to "Watch me swing!" He then splashed in the puddles as he came by while wearing the most adorable rain boots. Great kids!!!!!

I did exactly what I told myself I would not do. I allowed myself to impose on Mrs. Rabe's hospitality and ended up inside Creekside Cottage for a nice visit. Poor Mrs. Rabe. An hour lost to conversation. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that Grandma Phyllis was there was a wonderful bonus. She is such a sweetie.

Then it was back to the "real world". Getting Mikey off to work.

What fun!

Thanks Lindsay, Grandpa Bob, Mrs. Rabe, Rachel, Sarah, Emily, Kyle and Grandma Phyllis. We enjoyed ourselves.


Tracy said...

Fun post, Becky! I've never been on a horse before! That butterfly is beautiful...as is your lovely new banner at the top! Thanks for stopping by :o) Sorry to be so slow getting here myself...Since back from vacation it's been slow going getting back into the swing of things, probably because we still wish we were on vacation--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mrs. Rabe said...

Poor me! I had to suffer your company! hee hee Yeah,right!

Your post is great. Lindsay is already talking about next lesson etc...she wants to be able to work with Chelsea, too. It was special to see Grandma Georgia share this time with Chelsea, since it is such a passion for her!

See you later, aligator!

Anonymous said...

OK. If I get really better I am ready for the Kentucky Derby!! Bring it on!! I am ready!!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sounds (and looks) like it was a wonderful lesson!! Such great photos you took!!

I am going to pass on the award you gave to me on my next post...
Have a great day,

Terri and Bob said...

Now me, not a horse fan. When I first started gaining weight in the 80's, I had a horse lay down when I got on. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, he acted like he was dying when he got back up again. Would have made a great Funniest Home Video but we didn't do that back then!

Tea Time and Roses said...

The horses, the countryside are all so beautiful! A wonderful post indeed! You have a lovely rest of the week!



Phyllis said...

Miss Becky We love spending time with you as well. Maybe we will get you up for a ride soon eh?

KJ said...

Becky, this looks like a really fun day! What pretty grounds for horseback riding. Is this far from you?

As you know, Bear was born and raised in Reading. How far away is this from Reading or even the Amish communities?

Hugs, KJ

Becky K. said...

Hi KJ,
We are in the heart of Lancaster County which is filled with the Amish Community. I love making candles for my Amish friends. They burn a lot of candles and love to have me custom make soy candles as they can choose the color and fragrances.
Reading is about an hour from us. I have been there on occasion for shopping at the JC Penney Outlet.

Creekside Cottage, which is where Chelsea and her Grandma rode is about ten minutes from our home. We are good friends with the family there.

Thanks for commenting and for reading here. I truly enjoy your Eye-Dyllic Blog.

Becky K.