Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Now I can Tell You....

Since Miss Chelsea reads her Momma's Blog I had
to keep a secret. Four of our dear young girl
friends kidnapped Chelsea last evening for a
surprise 13th Birthday Sleepover after work!

They were picked up by my bowling friends,
Bob and Phyllis, who happen to be Grandparents
to two of the girls and parents in law to Miss
Paula at Gathering of Friends. These generous
people have a pool and were willing to lose some
sleep to have the girls over.
Wasn't that sweet??

This is us packed into the car on the way to
work...Me,(See my $5 shirt from K-mart? It is new!)
and the two rather large boys in front,
Three happy and very loud girls in the back seat
are taking these pictures...Look for the thing that
appears in the last one...

Silly Emily, Lindsay and Chelsea. They took these and many more with their Moms' cameras until I gently reminded them not to use up all of their Moms' batteries....I knew we wanted them to get pictures of Chelsea being surprised.

Chelsea is nearly impossible to surprise. She is "in the know" about everything. She reads me like a book. I had to send her on an errand to Grandma's just to be able to pack her clothes and get them stashed in the car. Even then, I figured she would question the bag in the trunk that wasn't there before. But we pulled it off! Yippee.

Warren took a call from her while we were in our Board Meeting last evening which he said was very loud and her first words were, "Did you know about this?!?!?!"

Cool, huh?

The best friends ever!!!

Happy 13th Birthday...on Sunday...Chelsea!

Your family is very proud of you.

You are growing into such a nice Young Lady!

I have to tell you readers, that Chelsea and I were
discussing the fact that she would be a teenager. I
was looking at her and she said. "I'm going to be a
good teenager." I know she means it,
and I pray that she can stick to it. Knowing that she
loves Jesus gives me hope that even as the hormones kick
in she'll stand strong and not do those things that give
teenagers such a bad reputation sometimes.

I think she
will be just fine!


Mrs. Rabe said...

So Fun! They were so excited to do this. It required many phone calls back and forth of course!

I can't wait to see the pictures! I will do a post asap!

They are all precious girls. Miss Chelsea will be a good teenager, she has the right heart!

Anonymous said...

Were they all swimming in Mr. Cliffy's pool??? How fun is that?

What a fun party!! Surprise! Did they eat cake?? They usually do fun decorating!