Thursday, July 17, 2008

Painting 101

Do not ever, ever, ever open up the opportunity to paint your church fellowship hall to the entire congregation!!!!

You cannot control who shows up.

This is especially important if you are painting over a white carpet
with a color that is called Frank's Fire!

There were really very few drips but having everyone want their own roller, a teenager who apparently has never had training with a paint brush and not enough
drop cloths I nearly lost my mind.

The room is not finished but it is coming along nicely.

There is much conversation about my color choices. I can only hope that when the room is finished it makes as much sense to everyone else as it does in my mind's eye.

The rest of the church is sedate in Kindred Spirit, malt, garden green, etc. This is a bit stronger. Gotta have some fun somewhere. I am taking the heat for it, though. And I have been in serious pain since Monday...that did not help my mood either.

Oh well...Frank's Fire is a deep orange. That is the color on the bottom half of the room. The color for the top is called Maple Leaf. It is a very pretty yellow.

The room is about 70 feet long and is narrow. There is white carpet three quarters of the way down the room and then a very nice tiled floor. We are treating the two flooring areas as separate rooms and will paint the bottom of that back area a navy blue. The Maple Leaf will still be on the upper half but back there we will put up a border that is very Americana and I will put up the flag plaque I showed you last week.

It will be fine...eventually. I just wish I had painted it myself, or handpicked a couple of helpers who are a bit more visionary....and experienced.

I will take pictures. It was just a tad too stressful last evening.

Oh, if you could have seen it when this dear teen girl stuck her entire brush into the paint, up over the bristles, and then was freaking out because it was running and dripping. She wanted to help so badly. We taught her and she was open to learn so it all worked out in the end. (Except for that time that she stepped in wet paint and tracked it across the room. At least it was the yellow and not Frank's Fire!)

Really, it is fine blood pressure will settle back to normal any day now...

Have an awesome day!


kara & jack's mom said...

Oh, Becky.... it is hard to be the visionary sometimes, isn't it! I am sure your color choices are going to be just beautiful but I can relate to fellow church members thinking you might have lost some sense of reality when they heard and saw your color choices! And, I shudder to think of more than 1 or 2 paintbrushes being weilded by individuals, especially in a deep orange color! Yikes! I do hope your blood pressure has declined over night.... AND, watch out for over doing it with your pain. I hope you have a relaxing day ahead... Judy

Ellen said...

Oh Becky, next time you think about opening up a painting project to the entire church, think of the Shank boys first, I am sure you wil change your mind ha ha. I am sure the color choices you picked are perfect. I see how you did your home and how everything flows together. You have a speciality for things like this.. Please, please, please though, take it easy and do not get yourself worked up. The way you are feeling is more important than anything else. My prayers are with you. Call me if you need me.


Mrs. Rabe said...

Oh Becky! I should have volunteered to help you - I have ALOT of painting experience, and I love the colors you have chosen. It goes very well with the border and accent stuff, and you are right, it is hard to be the visionary!

Breath deeply - inhale, exhale, that's it girl....inhale, exhale....ahhh. Now don't you feel better?

KJ said...

Oh, Becky, I feel for you. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to crafts, decorating, and creation. Perfection is not an overall characteristic for me (learned perhaps), but when I create, I desire neatness and excellence.

I decorated for a funeral the other day in a seascape theme. A friend of mine had passed away and I wanted to make sure the reception was something she would enjoy. I had a great deal of fragile items so I decorated alone. I did ask a TLC lady to help me pack, but she had to leave.

I have just had too many casualties from well meaning, helpful souls who have an entirely different understanding of caring for things. It's a different matter is neatness doesn't matter that's for sure.

Are you going to show a photo of the finished room?

Hugs, KJ