Friday, August 1, 2008

The End of a Three Year Commitment

When you commit to a three year volunteer assignment how you will feel at the end of those years rarely crosses your mind.

Will you be happy?

Well, that is where I find myself today.

With mixed emotions we chaired our last Homeschool Board Meeting last evening. A new couple came who are considering taking that big leap and becoming three year volunteers. I could not help but feel excited and a bit "maternal" for them, as their eyes got bigger and bigger the longer the evening went on. They are a lovely couple and will do fine. It is just a bit overwhelming at first.

The people in the above photo are now lifelong friends, even though some of them were strangers to us just two years ago. Bonds have formed. We have prayed together for many concerns, we have shared meals, met at least monthly...Relationships are developed. This is what we will miss most. This picture was taken a couple of months ago at Hershey Farm Restaurant as we enjoyed sweet fellowship.

There have been so many changes on the Board since we joined. So much more responsibility has been taken on by these dedicated people that it is my prayer that God will continue to bring the volunteer members who truly have a heart for the homeschoolers in this County. It is an almost invisible job...serving on this Board...but it is important! Warren and I will certainly always be thankful for our time there.

As I handed over the responsibilities that have become a natural part of my day there was, admittedly, some relief. However, I know that even as I won't have that responsibility, doors have opened on the "Church Front" to be able to encourage, support and share information. There is never a lack of opportunity to serve. Of course, within our own homeschool co-op I will be kept quite busy teaching music to 46 4-6th graders, a high school choir and a high school class on comedy...keeping it light! There is a Thanksgiving Program to plan and coordinate for the entire Co-op. I love doing this!!!

So I guess this post is about myself, telling myself, that it will be ok.
Reminding myself to be thankful for that season in our lives.

We are now within two years of the boys schooling at home being completed...unless we do college at home...doubtful...
and Chelsea is so independent she will not need much from me after they are done. I'll bug her to let me teach her something anyway...cause I love it!

Phases of life.

So quickly they pass.

Hope you are enjoying the phase you are in today.

It will pass.

Love Ya!

Thanks for "listening".

Becky K.

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Mrs. Rabe said...

Hey Friend,

From someone who has been where you are,at first you will miss it, but then you will settle into it. You can always come to the support group leaders breakfasts with me!