Friday, July 11, 2008

Thankful....God is Good

I am late writing a post this morning because
apparently I have my priorities right...

I had to go to an early yard sale with the Moms.

Yep! Just had to do it.

It was advertised as 15 families. There were two houses
and a nice assortment of things to choose from.

I found some cappuccino cups and mini tea cups for my
candle making hobby business. Love these!

I also picked up a few more decor items for the church.
The fellowship hall is going to be decked out in a primitive
style. Then there is an area at the end of that room that will be
primitive patriotic. I found this very sweet plaque and wallpaper border for fifty cents per roll. Just had to get it. The wallpaper border was not at the yard sale but at a local decorator center that I love to check first if I am looking for something.

I am thankful this morning because the next thing I had to do which kept me away from the computer was drive Jonathan to work.
This has been a serious concern at our house.
Finding this guy a job. He has been so resistant to the idea.
The resistance has come out of fear, I think. He does not give himself nearly enough credit and is not eager to try new things. He is doing well at this job.
He is interacting with the tourists and seems to enjoy it.
His co-workers are great and he talks about the time
he spends at work very positively.
Insert huge sigh of relief.
When you push your child to step this far out of their comfort zone it is a huge blessing when they do well with it.
Chelsea was sad that she was not scheduled to work today.

If you get a chance stop by my friend, Alicia's Blog. She has some very exciting news and I thought she shared it in a very sweet way. I am so very happy for you, Alicia.

It is a beautiful summer day here in Pennsylvania. I intend to enjoy it as I go back and forth to the grocery store, the church, running Mikey to work and back home again.

Blessings on your day!


Anonymous said...

I will ride along with you soon!!!

I like to hear it pretty in PA!! Can't wait!! Truly!!

I want to hit the yard sales and stuff like that this time. I am looking for a Pink Pyrex bowl!!!

Mary Isabella said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend....Mary

Alicia said...

You are so sweet Becky to mention me on your blog!!

I am glad your son got a job and is doing well! The hard part is getting started and getting confidence, sounds like he is doing great!