Friday, July 18, 2008

More Painting Today...

The project is getting closer to completion.

Chelsea took these pictures yesterday.

I also found a bunch of decor items
at Kirklands yesterday that I have been
watching and they finally were reduced enough
to make them worth getting. Yippee!!!

Remember this plain white room?

It is no more!

Another shot of the plain white room...

And the current stage:

This is the yellow and blue in the back of the room. Mrs. Rabe, from Creekside Cottage, came and helped me paint yesterday. We had so much fun. She took pity on me after yesterday's whiny post...Thanks friend! She loved this yellow and blue combination.

I will be putting the border up today.

Now, I am officially excited to get the room
put together for Sunday.

Warren, Jonathan and I went to Lowes last
evening and got the trim. I originally wanted
Warren to use some scrap that we have and
make it into 1 inch strips for the center of the
wall. He said that would look terrible. So...we found
some wood that is intended to be used as wood paneling.

By using one of these all along the wall, I think we
can do ok. It just drives Warren crazy to not use the
"right stuff". He wants to get TLC taken off the air.
He thinks it is making me a bit too creative.


More pictures later.

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