Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Club

Last night was our bi-weekly book club. We are thinking that this is a heavy schedule and feels a little bit like work. Trying to process a book every fourteen days. I am to call the Library today and see about changing to a once a month club.

We discussed Coach Tony Dungy's Story last evening. Our hour went very quickly. There was considerable laughter as one of the participants truly knows nothing about football. She thought the X' and O's referred to in the book were hugs and kisses. Too cute!

I would recommend this book as one that has a lot of wisdom in its pages. Coach Dungy stayed the course through a lot of adversity in the football programs, through losing a son to suicide and the loss of both parents. He is raising a family and making them a priority. This man's faith remains strong.

I did think, though, that after making the statement in the beginning of the book that it was not about football that there was a lot of football talk in the book.
I get what he is saying, but still. If you do not like the sport you likely will not LOVE this book.

My friend, Brenda, led this discussion and did a wonderful job. She even re-watched the 2006 Steelers/Colts Playoff game referenced in the book as her father had taped it so that she could communicate the feeling of that final missed kick that cost the Colts the game. Cool! Not cool that they lost the game. Cool that Brenda would rewatch a game in which she knew the ending to be the best Book Club leader she could be.

I guess personally I would give the book an 8 out of 10 stars.

Our next book is My Grandfather's Son. It is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' Memoir.

What are you reading?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I live in a town that has both Colts and Bears fans, about 50-50.

As a Bears fan, though, I am quite glad she did not watch the Super Bowl where the Colts WON over the Bears.

There is always next year. :)

I just saw that the Coach has written a new children's book. It looks very good.

Anonymous said...

Jill bought this book for Uncle Leo for Christmas and he really liked it!! Good pick!