Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And it Begins!

You see, this evening is the mandatory training
at a local tourist attraction
for Jonathan and Chelsea. Mikey has been
working for a year at a local feed store.
Jonathan and Chelsea have to be driven 20 minutes
each way to their new job.

As we are country folk, this is what our commute will
most likely look like. Of course we won't be on the horse
or in the buggy...we will be in the car dodging the horse
and the buggy. I'll take pictures. This is from Allposter.
I will not take pictures of the Amish, though, since it is
offensive to them. I will show you their farms and fields.
So pretty!
With a Buggy Approaching in the Distance, an Amish Boy Heads Down a Country Road on His Pony by Amy Sancetta
With a Buggy Approaching in the Distance, an Amish Boy Heads Down a Country Road on His Pony

Not too bad...it sure beats bumper to bumper traffic!

Mikey works just 5 minutes
from the house. Their hours are not the same
so my calendar looks insane. I also have doctor's
appointments and tests for Jonathan and myself on
the calendar.

Then last week some lady from Virginia called
and reminded us that we bought a vacation package
back in 2005 that we never used because of Daddy's
passing and now she wants us to schedule that...

Ok. I'll calm down now...but if you have teens
who do not yet drive and yet have jobs you most
likely know exactly what I am talking about.

I am thankful for the provision of these jobs.
Having the kids just hang around all summer is
a bad idea. Having all of them in places of
employment where I know their bosses are believers
is a major blessing. Therefore, we are determined
to make it work. Even if it means that one of us
might have to miss our Homeschool Board meeting this
evening...yep, even then. That would be the one that
I forgot the date was changed to accommodate the
fourth of July Holiday...fried brain! I'll be checking
with our Moms to see if they would like to run to the
farm this evening.

I am feeling better now.
It was starting to get to me.
Ahhh...blogging is sweet!

I can just imagine Mrs. Rabe, at Creekside Cottage,
throwing back her head and laughing...she has been
doing this very commute with her children for a few
years now. Stop laughing...Deanna.

I'll see you at bowling....before the craziness begins!


Shelia said...

Hi Becky! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! This was my first time to yours! I was scrolling down thru you blog and see you're a pianist too and worship leader at your church. I am our church's pianist and am in charge of our Worship service, too! I don't lead the singing, on occasion I have from the piano, but I put the order of service together, pick all the songs and make the powerpoint word slides. The hymns, yes, sometimes we just sing them because we know them so well and know all the words and really don't pay attention to their message. Our music at church is a blended type: mixing praise and worship songs with hymns. We do use more P/W songs than hymns, but I do try to get in at least one hymn in each Sunday. It's nice to meet another with so much in common. Please come back and see me. You know I love music and have made that the focus of my blog. I'm a very silly light hearted kinda gal ~ so I'm not very serious most of the time. But I want you to know I love the Lord and am so thankful to be able to serve him. It was so nice to meet you! Come see me again! Shelia ;)

Becky K. said...

Shelia -
Again, welcome to the world of blogging.

It occured to me as I read your comment that it sounded like I was the sole worship leader...I play the piano and sing...our Pastor does all of the arrangements and plays the keyboard. I get to "create" the service when he is on vacation. I did that in our former church and it is a big job.

Our church does about half and half hymns and praise songs. We mix them up.

I will be glad to visit your blog again and again.

Have a great day!

Becky K.

Mrs. Rabe said...

Hahahahahahahaha, ok I will stop now. It occures to me that we might be able to do a little carpooling - I'll talk to you about it at bowling!

Anonymous said...

I hope all the kids won't be working all the time while we're there!!! :-(