Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mom's Flowers...

As we headed into Mom's house on Wednesday
evening for our shared meal of roast, potatoes,
broccoli and our choice of cherry or raspberry custard pie...
I snapped these shots of her front flower beds.

I love how Mom enjoys her flowers. How she actually
waters hers...I always intend to water mine...
occasionally it happens...

First, doesn't everybody need a frog?

See the deck these frogs are sitting on? Mom spent a lot of time staining and sealing this last week. A lot of time. The stain came out so pretty! One neighbor who we pass often but don't really know actually stopped and asked what color it was because he liked it so well. Great going, Mom!

I love the mixture of heights in this bed.
Mom got these hangers at a benefit auction last
year. The prices were great!

A cute little spot to put some pretties.

All dressed up for Independence Day!

As pretty as these are, I'll have to go poking around Mom's back yard because it is even more fun. She has this great outside living space that we enjoy sitting in. So relaxing and pretty.

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