Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Am Not Crazy!

May 16th was surgery day for me.
I had Ovarian cysts removed from both
sides...even though I am not supposed to
have a left was supposed to have
been removed in The Surgery to Clean out the
Massive Post-op Infection of 2006.

Yes, it was an event.

It nearly killed me and therefore
deserves respect. (smile)

Anyway...a few weeks after this latest surgery
I stopped getting better and began having that
familiar pain...the dreaded cyst...

Finally, on Monday, I went back to the surgeon.
I explained to him that I was pretty sure I had
"laid another egg (cyst)". Ok so I didn't say
it like that...but I did tell him that there surely
was another cyst in there.

He said that if there is we are going to go in and
remove both the cyst and the ovary this time.

He got me a stat ultrasound and sure enough...
I was right!

Now, here is why this makes me "not crazy".

I had been to my family doctor. Some time ago he
had suggested that my hip could be what was causing
the pain so I wanted to give him a chance to check that
out. He laid me on the table. Pressed on the area of
pain in my side. I nearly came off the table from the
pain. He then assured me that it was scar tissue and that
I should take prescription pain medicine and Nexium for
the foreseeable future as nothing could be done.

I know he is human...but...I sure do wish he had listened
better. Or trusted that I have had this kind of pain before
and therefore would recognize it.

So anyway...I'll most likely be having yet another surgery.
I told Chelsea that if this keeps up we will get so used to
it that I'll leave in the morning and she'll wave as she
begins preparations for dinner. I'll come home and resume
life with not even a pause...that is funny because these things
used to really freak her out and by now she is almost casual
about it. Sad, really. She just wants to know when everything
that can be removed will have been taken...

I guess I should be upset. I am not.
I knew there was pain.
I knew what the pain was.
The ultrasound verified it.
We have a plan of action.
Best of all...

I am not crazy!


Mrs. Rabe said...

You need to have them insert a zipper or velcro, Becky. That would make surgery even easier! After some training, you could even just get out your handy dandy "cyst removal kit" and do it yourself!

Seriously, with this surgery, there will be no more cysts and therefore no more pain!

We need pain free Becky back!

Anonymous said...

I love that idea Deanna!! I would just like to sever some nerves!!

Becky, you and I need to get us some really comfy rocking chairs with a good soda or tea and rock the day away!! We're two peas in a pod at the moment!

Anonymous said...

I agree you are not crazy. How frustrating it is to not be heart. I'm glad you got the ultrasound. Praying everything will go well.
Enjoyed mrs. rabe's comment too.
Sandy in Sointula

lady jane said...

Sounds like my story up to about 12 years ago. Sounds like my daughter's

((( gentle hug )))

Lotsa prayer <><

Alicia said...

I am sorry Becky, you poor thing!! I will be praying for you!!

Auntie Dees zipper idea is great!!!