Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "Completed" Fellowship Hall

Is anything ever really completed?
I think not.

However, this is what our fellowship hall
looked like on Sunday.

The pictures just do not do it justice.
Wish you could all just come on over
and see it for yourselves.

We had a very nice lunch.
The room is so comfortable.
People really were able to visit and
feel at home.

Joe and Carol seem happy!

My Mom gave up this quilt.
Isn't it perfect?
Love it!

Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

The stained wainscoting saved my life.
I love it!
So does everyone else!
There were lots and lots of positive comments.

Today Mom and I will meet at Kirklands
to see if there are just a couple of
finishing touches that we could use
to tie it all together.

I have so greatly appreciated the fact
that soooo many people have helped in
getting this done.

I will confess that I like the help best
when it comes one or two people at a time.
That happened last week when we spent two
afternoons working with just one or two
different friends at a time.
Great conversation...and less stress.

Contrast that to Friday evening when there were
more than 30 people there and several of them wanted
assignments all at the same time. There was progress
but the stress level was a lot higher.

We are very blessed in our church.
Good friends, willing workers,
caring for each other!

Well, that is about all on that subject for
now. I am sure you are tired of it...
and so am I!

Have an awesome day!


Tracy said...

WOW--Becky! I'm just in awe...the hall is fantastic--just a cheerful, welcoming, cozy place. And your mom's quilt fits perfect! Well done all...Happy Days ((HUGS))

Mrs. Rabe said...

It looks fantastic and feels like a very nice cafe! The kind you like to linger in!

Great vision, friend!

lady jane said...

Tis a blessed thing to serve! So glad a number of people came with their sleeves rolled up. What joy!

The fellowship hall is beautiful!

Alicia said...

You all got that done quick!! Kudos to you!!