Monday, June 30, 2008

Friends and Family = Wealth

I am a rich, rich woman.

Not in the sense of money...
I am ok with that.

I have the best friends and family
one could ask for. Last evening was
the second Sunday in a row spent with
two other families and our parents.
This time we were at Creekside Cottage.
Last week we were right here at Hospitality Lane.

Three generations talking, laughing
and sharing a meal. Bliss!!!

Our oldest son, Jonathan, always loved
to get our entire family together when
he was young. The Grandparents, the Aunts,
Uncles and cousins.
It was comforting to him when we were
all in the same place. That is kind of how
I felt last evening. As if this is how it was
meant to be. Family and friends together...

Grandpa Bob

Miss Becca

The younger children enjoyed playing in the creek...

Chelsea riding Lindsay's horse, Sandy, while Grandma Ruth watches. Grandma Ruth should have ridden the horse. She needs to prepare for her mule ride into the Grand Canyon this fall. I would never even think of riding a mule down a steep narrow path to the floor of the canyon....but my Mom is going to do it!

Mikey rides Sandy...Do you think we could convince him this would be better than a motorcycle? Mommy does not like the idea of a motorcycle!

Sneaky shot of Warren through the deck

As if it is part of the strategy the kids waited until after we had eaten our fill of Yummy grilled meats and potato salad, chicken noodle soup and brownies then agreed to a re-match of the Ultimate Frisbee game from last week at our place. The Dad's were ready! There was talk at church yesterday morning from Carl about his excitement to get back to the game. I think in this picture, taken earlier in the evening, you can see him plotting his moves and strategy. Can't you see it?

They played until it was too dark to see the neon pink frisbee. We, in the cheering section, were being chewed on by the many mosquitos. It was time to call it a night.

Thank you to our friends at Creekside Cottage for your hospitality and friendship. To the others who joined are very special to us and we are glad to get to know you better.

Dear Reader, I truly hope that your family has opportunities to fellowship in such a rich and meaningful way.


Mrs. Rabe said...


Thank you for posting this! I didn't take one photo last night! I will just link over to this post! It is a blessing to fellowship with your family and LeFever's! So glad your mom could come last night - we are enjoying getting to know Pastor Mike too. So much blessing!

Phyllis said...

We have really enjoyed spending time with your family and the LeFevers. I especially enjoyed getting to know your Mom a little better. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your group. When the pool gets warmer we will have to have a fellowship evening here at our home. ( We don't have a name for our house yet)

daisy said...

Awww...what a fun time with your family. Thanks for sharing. Some of my favorite memories are from when our extended family gets together just to hang out and spend time with each other.