Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Gift

My friends, Joe and Carol moved to Lancaster County on a whim...literally. One weekend they were tourists from New Jersey and that same weekend they bought a home here.

They could not be happier!

I love to hear them tell that story of sitting in a Restaurant and Carol, being near the end of chemo for breast cancer knowing that life can be short, wanted to make it count and not waste a moment. They did some figuring and decided what their budget would be and went off to find the very cutest of cottages.

The former owner was a landscaper so this cottage had a little pond with goldfish, an abundance of perrenials and plenty of room for a small vegetable garden. They were delighted.

Joe and Carol moved to Lancaster County the day after Carol's final chemo treatment!

While packing up their apartment in New Jersey, Carol decided to bring her dining room light fixture along. After moving into their new home she decided not to use it so it sat in her attic for the past ten years.

At Christmastime Carol asked me if I would be interested in it. I was willing to look at it and actually have wanted a new light in the dining room for some time.

Now, to be honest, I wanted something black...but I have always loved the tiffany style and this one actually has the color of glass that goes perfectly with my dining room. I love it!

I love it, especially, because it came from this friend...who so normally cautious and deliberate about every thing she does in life made the choice to live, one day. It changed her life, and ours.

I do not recommend making those life changing experiences and acting on them all in the same twenty-four hours, normally, but this time it worked out
just fine!


Anonymous said...

This looks like the kind you could put greenery around like Mrs. Rabe does at Christmas. Is it??

I could pack up and leave to go to PA in 24 hours.

Yesterday I was singing with my daughter "I'm leaving on a Jet Plane". It is amazing how our kids know these older songs because some new cool artist sings it... But I could leave on a Jet Blue anytime!!!

How is your son doing? Concerned about you and Mrs. R

Becky K. said...

We are hanging in...things continue to be tense. Thanks for asking.

I will have to try the greenery on this light. I think it would be pretty.

Becky K.

Persuaded said...

my what a wonderful story...and what a pretty light fixture! my dining room has no light fixture cuz the previous owners decided to take the original one with them and i haven't found one that i love enough to spend the necessary $$ on, lol!

i wanted to tell you that i so appreciate your kind comments on my blog:-)